Strength and Conditioning

5 Things I learnt From Charles Poliquin That Made Me a Better Coach.

5 Things I learnt From Charles Poliquin That Made Me a Better Coach. This week has been a bittersweet one to say the least, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Charles Poliquin when I woke on Friday morning. Charles was certainly a divisive character in the fitness industry. Whether you you liked…

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September 30, 2018

Video: Back Pain, BJJ and Bank Balance.

Back Pain, BJJ and Bank Balance. Working with Professor Gui Neves at Garage Jiu Jitsu in Bondi Junction today –   The single most important concept for managing back injuries successfully is that of the BANK BALANCE. Think of the bank balance as your total amount of work your back can do in a…

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September 13, 2018

Slow Tempo Chin-ups For Size And Strength

Slow tempo chin-ups this morning at the Bondi Bars. Slowing the tempo, both up and down,is a great way to build strength and size. Advanced: 10 seconds up, 10 seconds down. Elite: 20 seconds up, 20 seconds down. Master: 30 seconds up, 30 seconds down.

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July 26, 2015

King of the Chins

Well Done Dave! Dave started out as a complete beginner, thinking he had no hope of being to develop the strength to do chin-ups, let alone with a 30 second negative. Using an ultra-slow negative on the last rep taps into how our nervous system recruits our muscle fibres. Completing an extra slow lowering phase…

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July 8, 2015

BioSignature Convention Las Vegas 2012

So here I am at the end of three great days of lectures, knowledge sharing and meeting great minds from around the globe. For myself as much as anybody else, I wanted to go over some of the topics we covered and the three biggest tips I picked up from each speaker.   Michael Port…

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September 2, 2012

Brutal Metabolic workout

Tough workout with the lads today. I’ve called it “Crush the weak”: 10 reps to down to 1 rep – drop one rep per round: Scarecrows Step-ups (10 reps each leg) renegade rows (10 reps each arm) supermans (press-up position – 10 reps each arm) squat to press (ass to med ball) Repeat until finish…

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October 7, 2011

The most effective strategies for fat loss…

Great vid on the most effective strategies to improve body composition and loose fat: This is how I now approach fat loss strategies with all of my clients – and with GREAT success!

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April 3, 2011

Rant of the week…

I despise so called “coaches” who willingly take risks with their athletes health in order to chase glory for either their own or the athlete’s ego. One case this past week of a female fighter being made to lose 1 1/2 stone in the 4 weeks before a fight so that she can fight a…

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May 10, 2010

South West Talent Support Day – April 8th 2010

Another great day at Exeter University’s Streatham Sports Centre. Working again with the brilliant team of S & C coach James Marshall and Physiotherapist Dave MacLellan. Fitness and Performance Testing We¬† had a great talk on sports testing from Bert at Exercise Science Consulting. The aim was to not just tell the young athletes what…

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April 9, 2010

New Video – SMR and Foam Rolling

Filmed a brand new video today on using Foam Rolling to facilitate Self-Myofascial Release in the connective, fascial tissue that surrounds muscles. I think foam rolls are a great, simple, cheap and effective tool to aid with body-management and mainting a robust foundation for everyday movement. One of the worst areas I find in most…

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March 21, 2010