Video: Program Comparison

So what do different client’s rehab programs look like? It depends! Here I take a look at 3 current clients, all with a history of back pain and injuries…BUT all have different goals. From the basic fundamentals with Stephen, to the neurological work with Aymee, to the golf specific rotational work with Dean. Right exercise, …

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Well Done John!

“When I came to Brian I had pretty much given up on treatments, assumed I needed surgery and was plain out terrified about my future. My sciatica was unbearable and getting worse, couldn’t walk or sit for long at all no matter what. Had run out of private health cover for physios (and a long …

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Well Done Kendal!

“I went to chiropractors, physio’s, specialists and tried dry needling and acupuncture and nothing worked long term. At the point of being told I needed cortisone shots, I tried Brian as my last resort and it was the best thing I ever did.”