Video: Back Pain, BJJ and Bank Balance.

Back Pain, BJJ and Bank Balance.

Working with Professor Gui Neves at Garage Jiu Jitsu in Bondi Junction today –


The single most important concept for managing back injuries successfully is that of the BANK BALANCE.

Think of the bank balance as your total amount of work your back can do in a day before injury occurs.

The average person who just wants to walk around pain free for day-to-day tasks may need $100 in their account to stay out of trouble.

If you compete in a contact sport with unpredictable movements and intense demands from minute to minute, you may need close to $300 in that account to stay safe.


Two skills or areas we need to master:

1. Controlling withdrawals on the account.

What are the little bad posture and movement habits that drain the account? We need to identify them and either change them or remove them completey to reduce the risk of becoming overdrawn.

This also gives the back a chance to settle and begin healing any disc damage that may be present.

2. Focus on building strength endurance.

Particularly in the muscles that act as a suit of armour to protect our lower back. If we have any deficiencies, or differences in stability between the left vs the right side of our body, they need to be rectified first.

From this foundation we can then begin to build towards the particulars of what we need for what we want to be able to do.

The long-term goal is not to just maintain a basic level, but to build beyond that and over-engineer our backs and core to give us what we need PLUS some safety buffer.


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