Lower Back Pain Information and Articles

Lower Back Pain Articles

Lower back pain is an increasingly common injury and complaint, with yearly numbers on the rise. In 2014-2015 1 in 6 Australians had complained about back pain (that is around 3.7 million people!)

But what are the causes? and more importantly what can you do to fix your back pain and build a lower back that is strong, robust and stays pain free?

The articles section is designed to give you an overview of the most common issues associated with back pain; with links to sections that are more in depth on each topic, so that you can pick out the information most important to you.

Back Pain – Why Can’t I Stand Up?

When lower back pain is at its worst and most acute, it can prevent you from being able to stand up straight.

The key here is to not panic; instead understand that the pain is due to the body over reacting to protect the back and that you can indeed get it to calm down so that you can stand up and move again.

More Information on Standing Up Straight.

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