Lower Back Pain in Brisbane.

Overview of Lower Back Pain and its Causes.

Lower back pain is an increasingly common injury and complaint, with yearly numbers on the rise. In 2014-2015 1 in 6 Australians had complained about back pain (that is around 3.7 million people!)

But what are the causes? and more importantly what can you do to fix your back pain and build a lower back that is strong, robust and stays pain free?

This page is designed to give you an overview of the most common issues associated with back pain; with links to sections that are more in depth on each topic, so that you can pick out the information most important to you.

Disc Bulges and Herniations.

Disc bulges and herniations are the most commonly associated issue with lower back pain; but not everybody who has back pain has a disc issue, and not everyone who has a disc issue has lower back pain.

It helps to best understand disc bulges and herniations as mechanical damage; caused by years of wear and tear, which in turn is due to bad movement and posture habits causing a disc to wear out quicker than the others around it.

More Information on Disc Bulges.

So Why Do I Have Pain?

If a disc injury is not always the cause of lower back pain, what is?

More often than not, the pain felt during episodes of lower back pain is down to how the nervous system and muscles are responding to the underlying issues causing the damage to the discs.

The most common pain felt during lower back injuries is by muscles being overworked as the body tries to protect the back and create stability to prevent further injury.

Ironically, these over-compensations tend to exacerbate the situation, leaving you almost crippled and unable to do the one thing you need to get the back to settle down, namely move.

The key is not to panic. You need to identify and avoid movements that aggravate the back, practice those that help relief pain and restore movement.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica.

Sciatica or sciatic pain is another associated issue with lower back pain. Caused by an impingement on the sciatic nerve, it can create shooting pains down the leg or even numbness and a loss of strength.

The are two main causes of sciatic pain; a disc bulge impinging on the sciatic nerve (true sciatica) or piriformis syndrome (where the piriformis muscle causes and irritation to the sciatic nerve.)

More Information on Sciatica.

Back Pain – Why Can’t I Stand Up?

When lower back pain is at its worst and most acute, it can prevent you from being able to stand up straight.

The key here is to not panic; instead understand that the pain is due to the body over reacting to protect the back and that you can indeed get it to calm down so that you can stand up and move again.

More Information on Standing Up Straight.

Core Strength.

Back pain and core strength (or lack there of) go hand in hand. Unfortunately a lot of the advice available is at its best useless, and at its worst dangerous when it comes to understanding and building a strong core to protect the back.

The key is to understand the separate components we need to for a strong core and then be able to put to them together effectively.

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