Client Testimonials And Results

David Allinson

“I started the 12-week back pain program after being hospitalised multiple times with disk and nerve injuries.

An important thing about Brian’s program, for me, was that it worked.

However, the most important thing is that, through the intelligent diagnostics Brian does, I now have a program that has allowed me to understand and manage my long-term health.

Highly recommend this, especially if you’re like me and years of physio has failed to deliver long-term solutions for your back pain.

Danial Humphrey

“Seeing Brian was a final attempt at rehabilitation after seeing numerous physios, chiropractors and osteopaths for my lower back pain when I wish it was the first. His 12-week program has done more for me than a year of alternative approaches and it was worth every penny. 

What you get with Brian is an extremely knowledgeable specialist that will diagnose exactly what your issues are and what you need to correct them. This is not a cookie cutter approach but a pragmatic and tailored one that is right for you and drawn from years of practical experience and study.  

Before beginning the program even day to day function was extremely difficult but by the end, I have been able to return to the gym pain free and begin rebuilding the capacity I had lost. In fact, it was only a month in that I was able to begin loading my spine pain free, which honestly seemed like miracle given the state I was in and is testament to the validity of Brian’s methods. 

Completing Brian’s program has set me down the path to a recovery I didn’t believe possible and given me the tools I need to return to the training and sports I love. I couldn’t recommend his program enough.”

Blake O’Brien

“I highly recommend Brian Ellicott. Deciding to do Brian’s program was the best decision I ever made for my back.

My story: I have had recurrent low back pain for about 20 years. In my 20s, I had a partial discectomy L5/S1. Now in my early 40s, I reached a point where my back pain was really getting me down, both physically and mentally. I have always been active, and love BJJ and mountain biking, and above all – playing with my kids. But all these activities just started to get too much for my back.

Over the years I have seen various health practitioners, including some really passionate and helpful people, but I still felt I was slipping backwards, despite doing all the stretches and exercises I thought should be helping.

Then I decided to see Brian, and his program has been a total game-changer for me. Brian’s teaching is based on the work of Professor Stuart McGill, a leader in the field of low back pain. The strength of Brian’s program is that he goes far beyond just giving you some stretches.

Brian spends time diagnosing the specific problem, so that he can tailor a program to suit your precise issue. He is very particular about teaching you the right way to do the exercises, and correcting you when necessary. Brian is methodical and careful, and has an incredible depth of knowledge.

After Brian’s program, I am now pain free. But more than that, I have learned how to move differently, in day-to-day life, so that I can keep my back healthy and strong. I worked hard during the program, and I will need to continue working at it. But now, I know that what I am doing is helping my back get better, not making it worse.

Brian’s program has changed my life. I am now playing with the kids, swinging kettlebells, and feeling like a million bucks!!”

Laurence Pears (Online)

I’ve tried writing a review for Brian a few times, it always results in about fourteen pages (not great for a website). So, I shall try to be as concise as possible.

I’d seen nearly every specialist I could over the period of two years to no lasting avail, my working life suffered dramatically, and I lost out on a lot of work and opportunities. The most helpful advice I got was from Professor Stuart Mcgill’s back rehab book.

Just before the first lockdown in the UK I had a big relapse. With no gyms open or experts to consult in person, I took to the net.

Brian’s name came up and even though he was on the other side of the world I thought, ‘I’ve nothing else to loose’ and emailed him.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Brian gets it, he’s been there with his own back issues and he knows not just the physical ways to get you out of the situation but also the tole an injury can take on you mentally.

‘It depends’ is a stock answer that you’ll get used to with Brian, no two injuries are the same and so the advice and direction he gives is tailored to you specifically.

After about six weeks in, I had a breakthrough, my pain residing and my physical capability increasing. Six weeks after that I could do stuff… cool stuff.. like power kiting, cliff jumping and surfing. Compared to the guy had to stop two or three times on route to the till because the shopping was too much and would ease himself into his car inch by inch, the change was astounding.

I’d echo what others have said in their testimonials, it takes hard work and commitment. Pain isn’t forever but exercise is.

Two more pieces of advice I’d offer

  1. Don’t work with anyone else alongside Brian (unless he suggests it) You won’t be able to accurately judge whether the exercises and advice he gives you are taking affect.
  2. Brian’s running a business, but its more than a job for him, he wants to help you. Towards the start of our training, I offered him more money for more sessions per week, in the hopes that more sessions would yield a quicker result. He politely said no and that the program in place and my commitment was what was necessary.

He was right!

A huge thankyou Brian, from me and my family (who don’t have to carry things for me anymore)

Chris Muirhead (Online)

“In October 2020 I was at my wits end following a flare-up of an old lower back issue. I thought I was doing all the right things having been religiously doing exercises recommended by physios following back surgery 20 years ago. But nothing was helping and everything I did seemed to make matters worse. Driving the car, running, household tasks and any work involving lifting or twisting became a source of dread because of painful consequences.

I then discovered a video by Brian on YouTube in which he described precisely what I was going through. I signed up for a weekly one-to-one online session and at that moment I started to get my life back to normal. In small, incremental steps, week by week Brian got me functional again. Confidence returned and now, after about four months rehab I’m able to do all the things I used to plus a lot more.

Understanding what aggravators were the cause of my flare-ups and performing tailored daily workouts I’ve returned to productive living. Brian has in depth knowledge of back mechanics and understands what it’s like to go through the trauma of back injury because he’s been there himself. He doesn’t pretend there’s a quick fix – there’s no such thing – he gets to know your very specific back issues and tailors a rehab programme that suits you, adding and removing different exercises to the workout as you progress. I now know my back so much better and feel motivated to keep doing the right things, not letting old bad habits creep in.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone who wants to take back control of their lives. Without any exaggeration the experience has been positively life changing.

Thanks Brian.”

Enrico Musso

“After a couple of years of lower back pain and having tried several fixes (massages, chiropractor, physio, etc) with no / short-term success I came across Brian.

Within 3 weeks of following Brian’s programme and posture tips my back pain went away.

All Brian’s exercises make a lot of sense and he is great at explaining not only “How” but also “Why”.

There is no magic, it’s hard work and requires discipline to keep up with the programme and avoid bad habits… but it works!

Back pain is so debilitating and knowing that there is a long term fix is invaluable.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is struggling with back pain and wants a long term solution.”

Dan O’Keefe

“I was in a high speed motorbike accident on the racetrack because, in the words of other racers, “I ran out of talent”.

The broken bones were healing well, but then my back started feeling terrible, probably due to aggravating the wear and tear of playing rugby as a prop for many years.

I consulted numerous doctors, specialists and physios and was prescribed all kinds of meds and suffered many treatments both conventional and unconventional without any success.

I was weighing up the option of surgery as one specialist advised when I came across Brian’s advert and went to see him as a ‘hail mary pass’.

I was immediately impressed by his down to earth manner and breadth of knowledge about anatomy. I learned he also rode a motorbike and had treated many bike and sports injuries so signed up immediately.

Turned out that Brian is a guru! He rehabbed my back from me being unable to perform a normal daily life to being able to squat and deadlift. He gave me the knowledge and individualised exercise regime to ensure that I can keep my back in shape for the long term.

Brian has an uncanny ability to know just how far he can push you and is excellent at motivating you to stick with the necessary but monotonous rehab exercises at home.

I recommend Brian absolutely unreservedly. He not only saved me from surgery and has set me up for a normal daily life but got me to me a point where I can lift weights that I would never have contemplated before my bike accident due to old sports injuries.

Brian is a dead-set genius. If you’re prepared to listen and do the work then you simply must consult him.”

Stuart Ridge

“I am still a keen cricketer and soccer player into my late 50s After a lifetime of wear and tear from 40+ years of competitive sport as well as poor posture from too much time hunched over a computer at work, I was suffering regular niggly injuries, taking far too much Voltaren and spending a fortune on physio treatment.

Not wanting to give in to age and keen to get fit for a veterans cricket tournament, I saw Brian’s ad on Facebook, and turned up with a a long list of complaints – swollen knees, tight hamstrings, lower back stiffness , neck pain and shoulder instability due to an old AC injury.

Brian methodically worked through my issues and tailored a program to my objectives with some quick wins and others we had to persevere on, fine tuning the approach along the way.

I worked with Brian for over a year. While we quickly established a simple but effective toolkit, most of which I can do with minimal equipment at home, it was good to have a regular check in to keep me honest and vary the program as I progressed.

I have learned a huge amount from Brian and continue with his routines which have wound back the clock for me, feeling stronger, recovering faster an staying injury free through back to back cricket and soccer seasons.

I highly recommend Brian’s approach – practical, a great teacher and good company.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.””

James Taylor

“This is the best money I have ever spent on my back!

I have spent thousands of dollars on trying to feel better and “fix my back”. Physio, Osteo, acupuncture and holistic medicine. I never thought that enquiring to an ad on Instagram would bring me some much relief.

With years of working in hospitality, lifting things (kegs, coffee machines and furniture) that are way to heavy to lift alone, I thought my back was done.

Chronic back pain was a daily thing for me with the occasional flair up that would always give me anxiety.

I started with Brian on a 12 week back rehab course that turned into a year of PT – until he loved to Brisbane. Honestly my back and body have never felt better or stronger and this is all at the ripe old age of 40+.

I can not recommend Brian’s approach to back and body health enough.

Get started today! “

Rich Melluish

“First off – I can’t recommend Brian highly enough!

I had serious back pain for many months, including shooting sciatic pain down my right leg – at times I was relying on strong anti-inflammatories and codeine to get through the day and to be able to get to sleep.

I tried multiple physios, osteos and chiropractors but I the situation was never improved for more than a day or two. I had MRI scans and the diagnosis of two slipped discs meant being advised that surgery was likely to only way to improve the issue. I am a keen 5-a-side soccer player but had missed months due to the back pain.

I stumbled across Brian in my Facebook feed, and I must confess my first instinct for any adverts on social media is that its highly unlikely to give what is promised, but by that stage I was willing to try anything so I got in touch.

I had a meet and greet session with Brian where he looked at my issues, did a few basic tests and quickly re-assured me that there were ways other than surgery that should get effective results.

I signed up for a 12 week program to begin with, but I was so pleased with the progress and results that I continued to have sessions with Brian every week for 18 months!

Brian is really experienced and has the knack of explaining in simple terms what is likely causing pain and discomfort, and coming up with effect plans to strengthen certain muscles to reduce imbalances in order to address the problem – and the pain.

I saw results very quickly, as Brian predicted. We worked on some basic exercises which has now set me up to be able to manage my back pain. I am 99% pain free now. I do on occasion start to feel a bit of a niggle again, this has without exception been at times where I have been a bit lazy and had stopped doing the exercises.

Every time I’ve found that kick starting the basic exercises that Brian has drilled into me has always stopped the niggle turning into a serious and painful problem.

I continued to see Brian after the pain had gone as I found it was a great motivator for me to keep up my exercise regime – he would really keep me honest.

This program does require commitment, it isn’t a magic bullet – you do need to put in the work – but for me, I was always keen to exercise so this wasn’t a problem, and compared to the discomfort I was in or with the expense and mixed results (not to mention months of rehab) from an operation really meant there was no choice to be made.

Sydney’s loss is definitely Brisbane’s gain. All the best Brian, and thanks again, fixing my back was genuinely life changing for me.”

Ronny Haughton

“Brian brings practical clarity and a no-nonsense approach to every session.

When I first engaged Brian; I could barely sit through a coffee meeting let alone get through a BJJ or calisthenics session without exacerbating glute and sciatic pain.

He’s given me a robust platform to build from, whilst simultaneously keeping me active and improving overall athletic performance.

I have no hesitation recommending Brian.”

Adam Gillespie

After dealing with constant back pain for 2 months I was at my wits end.

I was recommended to Brian after looking for someone to help. Brian’s 12-week program worked extremely well.

After a thorough assessment he was able to identify my triggers which were leading to my back pain. Once we eliminated these, he was able to design a program that was easier to follow and well thought out.

Brian was skillful in identifying errors I was making with technique which greatly reduced pain and allowed for more work to be performed.

I am now pain free and feel great thanks to Brian. I’d highly recommend any back pained individual touches base with Brian asap.


My transition to…. ” Brian Of The Broken Back “

After 35+yrs working as a bricklayer in construction, coupled with 20+ years of competitive Surfboat Rowing, what could possibly be wrong with my back???

I was introduced to every back “curer” in town and finally succumbed to 2 operations on my L5/S1 approx. 14 years ago.

The operations were successful BUT I was told at that time that I would need to keep up my rehab exercises etc to stay healthy and pain free!

Of course like all normal people, at the stage where I confidently thought I was never going to have back pain again……then it hits you…

So I researched far and wide and found Brian Ellicott was the name that was being mentioned the most for a successful outcome.

Next step was contacting him, I was met with a “No Problem” attitude kinda guy.

Yes I can fix you.

Yes if you do my program I can get you pain free.

Yes you will re-lapse IF you don’t do as I say….

So in summary, I completed Brian’s 12 week intense program.

I am going to be diligent in practicing what I learnt from Brian, as a re-lapse is not for me.

I do highly recommend his expertise in being able to tailor a program to the various pain points that bad backs offer.

I am another success story of ” Brian Of The Broken Back “


“I am a qualified S&C coach and I have also worked with professional rugby players. Overall, I have been lifting weight for over 15 years and I still learned a lot over the past 12 weeks with Brian.

Having bulging disc on L4/L5 and L5/S1, I had to stop squating and deadlifting one year ago. I tried to rehabilitate myself and I managed to get my back pain free and progressively incorporated back squat in my training routine again.

Unfortunately I hurt my back again 14 weeks ago. That’s when I decided to contact Brian (He has been recommended to me by Dr Andrew Lock).

Brian introduced me to new drills for my back rehab which drastically improved my core and he also helped me to modify my technique in order to squat in safest and most optimal position for my back.

I am now on my way to getting back to my best fitness level. I will keep doing the drills that Brian gave me and follow his advice regarding my squat technique.

Thanks Brian.”


“Having suffered from various sports related back injuries in my earlier life and having undergone spinal surgery 5 years ago, I had more recently found the pain and limitation of movement starting to again creep back into my life.

With a new baby on the way and with me moving into my early 50’s I was keen to look at non-surgical options to manage my pain and ensure I could still remain active and healthy.

Brian creates a deceptively simple approach looking at the two sides of the equation, identifying and minimizing the triggers whilst also re-training the correct muscle use and then building the core strength.

There is no such thing as a instant or miracle cure with these things and it certainly takes some commitment and perseverance, but Brian helps you develop a tool kit to enable you to take effective control of your own program.

Brian has an easy going personality to work with but he will drive you hard when needed – a pleasure to work with and the results speak for themselves.

I now feel confident that I can start to manage my own recovery and ongoing management of my back health with a regular regime of morning exercise – although I do plan to keep periodic check-in’s with Brian going forward.

The plan is to keep striving for goals – the first to be back out surfing next Summer – albeit on an old man’s long board.

Thanks Brian – my soon to be born child also thanks you…”


“After 4 years of lower back pain and seeing countless ‘specialist’ doctors, physios, osteos, remedial therapists, chiros, I had almost resigned myself to accept the fact that this pain would be with me for the rest of my life.

Simple tasks like getting home from work on the bus became a real issue. I’d have to break the 25-minute journey into two so I could get off walk around for 5 minutes and get on the next bus.

After much deliberation as to what to do next, and realising I just wasn’t going to accept my issues, I discovered Brian. By this point, I think I was also a little skeptical about ‘back specialists’, but after my first few weeks with Brian I was convinced I was on the right track.

Brian focused initially on eliminating my pain. We started small, concentrating on form, and identifying my triggers. In a short space of time I moved up to strengthening my core, hips and back.

The progression kept me motivated – I knew it was down to me to do the work, but Brian kept me honest with my approach and provided me with the confidence to keep going. It is incredibly rewarding to leave a session and feel so much more invigorated, pain-free and alive.

Brian was able to provide me with a program that was specifically tailored to my issues, a program I could easily follow.

This has made the world of difference in my life.”


“I’ve had intermittent lower back pain for 15 years and started seeing Brian because my meditation sitting was causing my lower back pain to flare.

Brian quickly identified the core issues creating the symptoms and taught me simple exercises which have had immediate tangible benefits.

When I am disciplined and doing the exercises, I feel my entire core and posture respond within days.
When I am un-disciplined, I’m able to understand what is happening within my body and why, and am able to mitigate the damage I’m doing.

Simply having knowledge communicated in plain English goes a long way to easing my anxiety around the discomfort, and knowing that rehabilitation is not far away with several basic exercises provides valuable peace of mind.

Completely unrelated to my back pain is a shoulder injury for which I’ve had several surgeries, and had long ago given up hope of finding reprieve from pain and discomfort.

Within two weeks of seeing Brian, my shoulder pain had completely dissipated – This is something that had not been achieved after countless visits with a litany of doctors, physios, chrios, orthopaedic surgeons, sports specialists, etc.

Even more surprising is just how simple it has been to ‘repair’ the issue, and without any confusing jargon – Brian has never mentioned acromioclavicular or glenohumeral joints, or any other confusing BS.

Working with Brian was fun and stress-free. Brian’s studio has an easy-going, upbeat feel, and Brian is always welcoming with a genuine smile. “


“When I first went to see Brian I was at my wits’ end. I’d had lower back pain for three years. By that I mean I was in pain every hour of every day for three years.

It was hell and I hated it. I couldn’t sit down for longer than ten minutes without a deep pain radiating out from my lower spine. That meant anything – working, eating, watching TV, going to the cinema – was an issue.

I became an expert in chairs – what ones would hurt a lot and what ones wouldn’t hurt so much. But I didn’t want to be an expert in chairs, I wanted to not be in pain every waking hour.
Some days that was all I wanted, to not be in pain. It doesn’t sound like a big ask but it was.

I went to maybe ten different physios in four different countries – I went to massage therapists, lower back specialists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and pain specialists. I use iced packs and rollers and I took every painkiller under the sun.

If you told me to boil a sock and inhale the fumes I would have tried it. I was desperate. And it wasn’t just the physical pain – it was the emotional fallout and the stress as well. I was terrified. I thought: ‘Am I going to be in pain for the rest of my life?’ I was 36, and I plan on living a long time, so the prospect of being in pain for 50 years did not fill me with hope. More like dread and extreme anxiety.

So I went and saw Brian I told him I would do anything – ANYTHING – to not be in pain, and he put me to work.

When I went to physios etc, I always felt the treatment wasn’t strong enough. They sent me away with a few stretches and I knew those stretches wouldn’t do shit. And I was right. With a lot of weights Brian rebuilt my core and my glutes and all the muscles in my hips.

It was tough at first – I basically had no glute strength whatsoever, just a flat white dude butt. I made progress but then I went on a plane and slipped back. I got angry because I needed this to work. It took a while and Brian was really patient and kind (and sometimes tough), and now my back is pretty much pain free. My entire posture has changed as well. My body feels different, more upright, when I walk. I didn’t know how much I hunched before and how every little thing I did was contributing to my pain.

I still do the workouts he designed for me – I lift more weight every week and I like getting stronger. But most of all I like knowing that if the pain comes back, I have the tools to manage it. The pain is no longer in control of my life. I’m not afraid of every little niggle and where it may lead. It’s a completely different, and much healthier, state of mind.”


“I just wanted to say thanks to you Brian, I will miss your evil sessions down in Melbourne.

When I called him up 4 months ago I was struggling to put make up on without leaning on the wall for support. My back was that bad.

I used to play volleyball and did some strength training and in the process, I have managed to hurt myself. I always thought the issue was the back and xrays and MRIs confirmed it, but with Brian we have managed to identify the real cause behind it: my non existent core strength and funny hips that get locked up easy, throwing my whole back/glute situation out of place.

We have worked together on identifying a few basic movements that are really beneficial for me and that I always need to do before getting into my strength training exercise.

Brian has also taken a lot of pleasure in showing me the multiple ways my body and me have found to cheat over the years, while training. Slowly working to re-learn certain mouvements to make them more effective. It is a slow but sure process!

Today, after 4 months of work together I can put make up on standing on one foot (on a good day 🙂 and I have gone back to do some basic strength exercises like split squats and barbel squats. Working on the evil abs wheel too!

I personally recommend having a word with Brian if you feel like your back is not what it used to be, no matter how bad it is, you have to start somewhere and I am sure he will find some targeted exercise routine that will help you improving your day to day and possibly feeling like you used to 10 years ago!”

Giorgios Samartzis

“After visiting a chiropractor to “fix” my posture I ended up with a herniated disc which was causing sciatica down one leg and resulted in pain and numbness. I was almost cripple for some time.

Here I was, a 40 year old who used to be a competitive athlete suddenly could not sit, stand, walk or do the normal things people do on a daily basis. It was the first time in my life where I felt hopeless and the thought of not being able to do any form or exercise for the rest of my life was very depressing.

At the same time I had lost 10kgs of muscle within a space of 6 weeks from not being able to train while gluteal muscle atrophy started developing.

Visits to the physio became more and more frustrating as it seemed like nothing besides a surgery could cure me.

The specialist gave me 3 months to let my back heal on its own before surgery could be considered, but even 5 months later there was hardly any improvement.

After researching on the different surgery methods and their success rate I was more and more convinced that I didn’t want anyone touching my back. I knew that I would never be the same after having surgery.

So I started looking at alternative treatments and came across Brian Ellicott.

Just when I thought it was all over Brian showed me that it was not the case. His knowledge and approach helped me turn everything around and made me feel hopeful again.

He was very careful and methodical on how he approached my issue specifically which made me feel confident and safe at all times. He was with me in every step of the process, making sure that I was making progress and that his instructions were followed accurately.

Brian’s tailored program is carefully designed with a range of exercises which assist in taking the pressure of the spine while strengthening the muscles around it in order to protect it.

Within 2 months from when I started seeing Brian the pain was significantly reduced and mobility was increased. Just over 3 months later I was able to get back to the gym and getting my fitness back to where it was.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone who wants to see real results and is not looking for “band aid solutions”.”

Jarrod Payne

“About 10 years ago I slipped my L5/S1 disc playing cricket causing months of pain. I saw all of the usual people to resolve this, chiropractor, physio, GP etc. and while my back got better it never returned to perfect.

This was largely manageable day to day until, about 4 years ago, I decided to get in shape and starting lifting weights and being more active. My back continued to flare up from time to time and in May this year I slipped the disc again and my back went into spasm, causing pain to the point where I could basically not function at all.

I saw a physio and a doctor and was unhappy with the treatment and advice as it was exactly what i had gotten before. So i decided to approach the problem from a different direction and started working with Brian.

There are 4 things that Brian has really done to help me:

1) He taught me some basic movement patterns to stop me from hurting myself over and over again.
2) He showed me the essential rehab exercises to get strong enough to support my spine and keep it from moving in the wrong directions.
3) He re-engineered my technique to prevent my from hurting my back while squatting.
4) He taught me how to keep track of signposts that let me know my back is at risk and what to do about it

With weeks my back started to feel better, with the first 3 months i had more and more time when it felt perfect! Even better than before i had re-injured the disc.
Now it is perfect 90% of the time and I have the tools I need to fix it when it does flare up. I can walk, run, play sport and hit the gym again and best of all my 5RM squat is now more than 100KG, not bad since I could barely walk when I started with Brian.”

If you have back issues I can’t recommend Brian strongly enough. This guy knows his stuff!”

Andy Kelly

“About 8 years ago while working in the tree industry, I had a run in with a 350kg log that came swinging from a tree we were removing. It narrowly missed my spine, (fracturing 5 Transverse process attached to the lower spine, Brian you can explain what they are to people if you like!!)

After the bruising went down a couple of months later I realised that I was in for one hell of a journey to try and get back into any sort of shape to lead a normal life.
I had always been active, Climbing trees, playing sport, swimming, you name it, I’ve tried it.

I got to a stage after a couple of years that I could somewhat function, but only for a short time, after any sort of strenuous exercise/activity I knew that the pain would be coming back, with a vengeance, so I gradually start making excuses for not training or not trying really, born out of frustration from thinking the pain was just going to return, so why bother.

I have seen all the usual suspects over the last few years, Osteo, Chiro, Physio, basically anything with an O , I’ve tried, and they would patch the pain for a week or two, before the next spasm, and few days/ weeks not being able to walk, afraid to bend down, sneeze, sleep to long in one position, the list goes on.

The pain was getting so bad recently that I basically missed my younger sister’s wedding, I could not stand up or even sit down without excruciating pain.
I have a 3 year old boy who I couldn’t pick up, and he would say to me ”is your back sore daddy, I will rub it for you” This had to stop!!!!!

So after seeing an ad for Brian Ellicott promising to fix my back pain, I thought why not, you’ve tried everything else!

Since starting with Brian 3 months ago, I am glad to say that I have had no spasms, no pain, he has identified my weaknesses and addressed them straight away. He is constantly educating me on the right and wrong way to exercise. I am now back training regularly without the fear of harm.

And the best part of all, is I can now pick my boy up and play like normal parents do.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has back or any other injuries for that matter, where they are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Michael Tweedie

“Thank you Brian for giving me hope when I was at wits end.

I was a little sceptical at first after visiting numerous physios and doctors after so many years of acute lower back pain and general discomfort.

After about 4 weeks of tailored rehabilitation exercises I was starting to gain pain free movement and my confidence started to grow exponentially. I was really impressed with the results after a short period of time. I’ve continued working with Brian since and am and am back in the water surfing and playing sport. An absolute result.

His approach made me aware of my old flaws and bad habits but provided the understanding of my pain providing me the fundamentals for a healthy back however utilising the right tools and specific pain free tailored exercises to over engineer a stronger back.

There is no universal cause or cure for back pain therefore a cure that leads to success for me might be different for you, however, Brian’s focus and knowledge will help you find your own pain triggers and match them to the treatment that’s right for you.

I am now 100% confident that if I have a relapse or lower back flare up, I have the right tools and exercises to alleviate the pain in a matter of days.

Anybody with prolonged lower back pain issues should have some scans and take them along to Brian. He’s not a miracle worker but does have a unique approach to restore a pain free back.

You’ll have to put in some hard work but you’ll be pleasantly surprised and reaping the rewards.

He’s a great guy to work with and patient but will push you when needed to get the best out of you. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brian to anybody with back pain issues.”

Mark Harrison

“Having suffered back problems for the past four years I have visited numerous GP’s, Osteo’s and Physio’s all with limited to no success and plenty of $’s down the pan.

Coming back from a trip to Queenstown with my back having gone on the first day meaning that I missed out on all the activities that had been booked I was starting to think that this was just how it was going to be going forward. I had all but given up on camping, kayaking, cycling and all the outdoors fun stuff that made up the majority of my weekends.
I saw Brian’s advert on Facebook and thought I would give the free consultation a go.

He came across as highly knowledgeable in the area of back rehabilitation and for the first time someone was talking to me about a structured, individualized training plan targeted at my specific problem areas (L4/L5) as opposed to the one size fits all approach that I had heard so many times before.

On the first day I walked/hobbled in I was in a lot of pain. Having worked out the correct exercises it was a case of going through these on a weekly basis at Brian’s gym and then homework to do throughout the week. Within two weeks the pain had subsided dramatically and within four weeks I was pain free.

During the period of in-activity I had put on a fair bit of weight. Outside of the back rehab Brian also put together a nutrition plan for me which saw me lose 5 kilo’s in 4 weeks as well as a drop of 3% body fat. This was not a result of dieting but purely through changing eating habits.

All in all after eight weeks it is going very well. I am back on my bike twice a week and in the kayak again at weekends.

Brian will put a plan in place with regards to exercise and diet specifically targeted for your individual needs and then hold you accountable for your own efforts outside of your one on ones with him. It also helps that he is a good bloke with a great attitude to getting you back to where you need to be.”

Lewis Jaffrey

“So I’m 34 years old and have thrown loads of money at chiropractors and osteopaths over the last 8 years.

I met Brian in October and after an hour long assessment where I could barely walk he proclaims ” no more sharp pains in 2 weeks and pain free in about 4 weeks”.

I laughed at him at the time but he certainly knows what he’s talking about. I was so good for the first two weeks and did the exercises I was told, but because they yielded great results I got lazy. This slowed down my progress but when I got back into my homework I couldn’t believe how fast the improvements came.

I now look forward to sneezing instead of fearing it. I can bend over at work without being afraid someone is going to have to come and get me, and can do the manly things at home again without the fear of having to go straight to the Chiro. Most importantly my girlfriend can jump my bones without fear of me yelling and collapsing to the floor ;)

Brian makes the really tedious exercises as entertaining as possible and changes them frequently so you don’t get too bored.

I’ve already recommended friends to him and you will too.”


“Over the last six years I’ve experienced a range of physical issues that began with pain at the front of my right hip, gradually migrated into pain in my lower left back and finally resulted in two instances of spinal misalignment.

Mundane tasks like brushing teeth, getting in and out of the car and sneezing became painful. I was finally referred for an MRI, which revealed two bulging discs. I then added an osteopath and a massage therapist to my treatment rotation.

Relief only lasted for one to three days after each appointment and I would have to cope with the pain until my next visit.

I became increasingly frustrated and was tired of getting vague, noncommittal answers when I asked whether my back problems would ever be fixed.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I started searching online for back rehabilitation methods, which then turned up Brian’s name as a local proponent of Dr. Stuart McGill’s techniques.

During the initial consultation with Brian, he gave me hope that with some hard work to retrain bad habits and strengthen the right muscles, I would be able to regain normal function.
Brian used my MRI results and feedback at every session to create a program for my specific issues. He was very supportive and I appreciated that he kept in contact by text and email between visits.

Over 12 weeks, with a steady program of building muscle strength and retraining my movement patterns (bending, sitting etc.) I was finally able to wake up pain-free. It is such a relief to be given the knowledge and tools to manage my back pain and regain control of my life.
If you are willing to make the investment in yourself and can commit to the work between sessions, then Brian has the skills to design a custom program that will get results for you!”

Jon Clark

“Ever since I can remember I’ve had back problems.

I put it down to years of rugby, writing it off as something that will stay with me for life.  I saw it as penance for treating my body with little respect.

I seemed to get by and lived with the pain and immobility, but it would eventually take my down a dark path both physically and mentality.

I looked at the ‘physio route’ as a expense that would provide just a temporary band aid to a deep rooted problem.

That was until I meet Brian.

Brian demonstrated and provided me with a gradual plan to right my wrongs.  Educating and guiding me through basic body mechanics through to the specifics of strength and back conditioning.

Slowly but surely I saw strength come back and the pain dissipate.
With that came a new mental health and confidence towards exercise which I will forever be grateful for.”

Rob Broadhead

“The week I turned 40, my back showed me I was now ‘old’ and plunged me into immeasurable pain………

It had never given a twinge despite the best efforts racing & crashing motorbikes (road & enduro), lifting heavy things, jumping off everything, running, training, working hard & generally engaging in an active life. It scared me that my activities of choice may no longer be possible.

The scans showed some damage to the lower back & this was causing sciatica down one leg & seriously limiting movement.

I visited a number of Physio’s over a 2 year period & basically bought shares in Nurofen. The Physio & Nurofen would reduce the pain to a just bearable level, but it was always there. Competing in dirt bike events and general training were experiences in how much pain could be endured.

In December 2015, I saw an advert for Brian’s services & still being in regular pain, I got in contact.

Brian introduced me to a range of exercises & stretches that served to balance my body, strengthen the protective muscles, increase my flexibility, take pressure off the back & limit further damage.

Within a month, I had days with no pain. Within 2 months I was integrating the concepts into regular training & 5 months in, we’re starting to work on exercises to really strengthen the area. If that’s not impressive enough, my wife reckons she can now see abs!

I’m living with almost no back pain and cannot express what a difference this makes to everyday life. I can think more clearly, be active with my kids & able to ride, jump & lift with limited impact.

If you have back pain, Brian is an expert! You won’t regret it!”

Anthony Dutton

“I’ve worked with a number of PTs over many years and although they have got results, as I’ve got older (now over 40 years) I kept breaking down with back issues from workouts.

Brian’s approach has helped my back and posture immensely and my visits to Chrio/Physio/Osteo’s has decreased dramatically.

His techniques give results that can really change your life after sitting in an office for too long every day for almost 20 years.

He is now starting to help me with diet and how I can improve my overall well-being.

I could not recommend Brian enough to anyone in a similar position. Even though I’ve moved across the city to the north, I am still making the effort to see him once a week as he continues to get results.”

Neil Doubek

“I’ve suffered low back pain for over 20 years which has always hindered my working activates as a painter and decorator. Until recently I was also suffering from a shoulder pain caused by a work related repetitive strain injury.

So enough was enough I found Brian Ellicott online, a specialist in lower back pain and injuries and took up on his free trial session.

I was very impressed with Brian’s professionalism during my first induction session he assessed me very thoroughly and quickly narrowed down the possible causes of my lower back and shoulder pain.

After a few light exercises I found relief in both areas, so I continued to see Brian for a further 2 months of rehabilitation treatments, each week improvements were being made.

6 months later I still continue to train with Brian, my lower back pain has considerably reduced by ironing out my muscular imbalances within my back and strengthening my inner core, and my shoulder is back to normal.

Through my experience of recovery, I’ve now asked Brian to help me build muscle mass and a bulk up is currently on going with muscular improvements being made each month.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone with a back injury or any other kind of injury whether it be a sporting or RSI he’ll soon have you fixed up. He not only knows the correct exercises to use but also has a thorough knowledge and understanding of their actions, he is a great bloke to train with and very focused about your health and well-being. “

David Kesby

“I was a 45 year old CEO of a company that employed 1000 people when I met Brian. I had never properly been to a gym in my life. I had high stress levels, high blood pressure, poor fitness and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Brian has made me realise the upside to a more balanced lifestyle. I feel stronger and now think more about the food and alcohol choices I make in addition to exercise. I am now having less guilt, more stamina and can see the physical changes in my body that show the results of a balanced exercise and eating/drinking regime.

I recommend Brian to all those people like me that thought it was all too hard to do. The more you put in the more you get out. Brian’s approach to the exercises is technically brilliant and a good guy thrown in as well. I am so glad I took the plunge and gave it a go.”

Sports and Performance

AJ Bhardwaj


2015 Melbourne International Open – 1st Place Under 94kg
2015 NSW Summer Cup – 1st Place Under 94kg

“As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, I am tested in all aspects of fitness. Though I have trained using various methodologies, what other trainers often neglected was my lack of foundational core and spinal strength.

Brian recognised these missing links in my current training, addressed the problem and devised a feasible plan to attack those weaknesses. I have noticed a difference ten fold in my fights especially the ability to maintain tough positions for longer periods and also being remain injury free.

Overall, Brian’s level of coaching, knowledge and support has been outstanding.”

Fat Loss and Physique

Chris Redmore



Chris – 6 weeks to drop 2.7% bodyfat and gain 2.9kg of muscle mass.

“As a Personal Trainer I am always looking for new methods to better serve my clientele and although I give 100% to my members I find that my own training and nutrition can become stagnated, dull and lacking direction.

After talking to Brian and undertaking a 6-week program designed by him exclusively for me, I managed to drop over 2% body fat and gain almost 3kgs of lean muscle mass (a rarity in this industry). The program was nothing radical, but simple effective movements coupled with slight adjustments to my daily nutrition intake that warranted such dramatic gains.

In my seven (7) years of personal training and countless seminars, I have never met a more knowledgeable individual who is approachable, inspiring and can definitely get the results you are looking for – cosmetic, strength or rehab.

Brian has become hub of fitness education and continues to do so as I continue to get results from his guidance and programming.”

Geoffrey Webb


Online client Geoffrey – looking VERY sharp after a 4 week mini fat loss phase for his holiday. Best physique at the beach and 52.

Jo Baillison


“I am 42 years old and mum of 2 girls. As well as running my own business, I maintain a very busy household. Before I met Brian I flitted from gym to gym, exercise program to exercise program. Both my weight and fitness levels have yo-yoed my entire life.

When I met Brian I was I obesely overweight and very unfit. For the last year I have maintained a healthy weight and am very strong both mentally and physically. For the first time in my life I have stuck with one fitness regime for over a year.

The thing that sets Brian apart is his attitude to exercise. He uses knowledge and science to create a well balanced, yet challenging program. He continuously monitors progress and adjusts exercises to maximize benefit. But the thing I like the most about Brian’s attitude to exercise is that’s it’s quick yet focussed and I am always keen for the next session… I no longer view exercise with dread!!!!”

Adam Heawood


Adam is a busy dad running his own business and raising two children.

“I’ve known Brian for many years so when I needed support in losing weigh it was an easy decision to work with him.

Over a 9 month period the results where fantastic. I lost loads of body fat and gained muscle.

Not only did Brian help keep the sessions interesting and fun he helped educate me on my nutrition so I could keep the weight off in the future.

Training sessions where hard work but also achievable.

A true inspirational character and someone who I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending or working again with in the future.

Many thanks for your help Brian.”

Myles Webb


Myles – Busy dad and GP working in Brisbane. Great results from a little pre-Christmas 4 week program.

Russ Tanner


Russel – 10 week transformation even with a torn bicep tendon from a work accident.

Ritchie Edworthy


Ritchie – Dramatic 12 week transformation.

Andy Poole


Andy – 12 Weeks of hard work to transform his body and health.