BioSignature Convention Las Vegas 2012

The MGM Grand - home of the 2012 BioSignature convention

So here I am at the end of three great days of lectures, knowledge sharing and meeting great minds from around the globe.

For myself as much as anybody else, I wanted to go over some of the topics we covered and the three biggest tips I picked up from each speaker.


Michael Port – “Book yourself solid”

Michael has earnt a reputation as a marketing guru, especially for those within the fitness industry.

Michael gave an intense presentation, full of energy, zest and most importantly useful and honest information.

  1. Have a velvet rope policy for clients. Work only with the people that you do your best work with.
  2. Build trust in order for people to buy into you and what you offer.  The best marketing in the world only makes people aware of you and without trust they will not commit.
  3. Do not try to please everybody. “Some people you are destined to serve, others not so much”

Jeannette Bessinger – “Clean Food Preperation”
Jeannette is a well publicised food coach, who specialises in clean foods and raw vegetable preparation.
  1. We are in dire need of preparing more food at home for ourselves, but it needs to be cost effective, quick, healthy and tasty.
  2. In the fitness industry we are great at letting clients know the what’s and why’s of eating better, but we also need to now focus on the how’s. People are losing cooking skills, knowledge and instinct.
  3. Good quality salt will help lift the natural flavours of food, hence the importance of proper seasoning.

Deanna Martin – “Food for the Soul”

Deanna is a PhD nutritionist and also a published author of 4 books on food and spirituality.
  1. Nature is weblike – everything is connected. This is something I have seen with my clients when related to emotional eating.
  2. You are what your friends eat.  The people in your life will influence your eating habits.
  3. Eat the energy you want to become. A great tip to overcome emotional eating. Instead of eating to satisfy your feelings now, eat to build the feelings and energy you want.

Kaayla Daniel – “Naughty Nutrition”

Kaayla is able to debunk nutritional myths with humour and a focus on the naughty side of life.  She is also the vice president at the Weston A Price foundation.
  1. Real food provides real lust.  Real, natural foods will build our health and our labido.  I know from studying the effects of stress and poor nutrition, that your body will be only be happy to provide a strong labido if you are healthy.  A big part of this is getting quality fats into the diet for cholesterol and therefore sex hormones.
  2. In-vitro fertilisation that has been stimulated via Viagra produces lower quality seamen.  A great example of how treating a symptom, rather than investigating the actual problem, can have serious side-effects.
  3. The increase in androgyny is a maker of a serious decrease in the health of our children. A growing market in plastic surgery is to specialise in breast tissue removal in teenage boys.

Gary Taubes – “Why we get Fat”

With a background in physics, Gary has been able to turn is formidable skills in the detection of bad science and apply them to the world of nutrition.
  1. The calories in, calories out model is flawed.  Gary was able to provide a few examples of how looking fat storage purely through calories alone does not explain what is happening. Lipodystrophy is one example of this.
  2. We need to focus on what is actually happening inside fat cells.  What are the chemical processes? What hormones play key roles?
  3. Nutritional deficiency is major issue.  This helps to explain how mothers in some of the poorest countries in the world can be overweight, while simultaneously their children can be nearly starving.

Ben Prentiss – “From Personal Trainer to Strength Coach of the Pros”
Ben has built a solid reputation for results with NHL professional athletes over the past 17 years.
His biggest recent success was coaching Max Pacioretty back from a career threatening neck injury, to winning the Masterton Trophy this year.
  1. Ben has never had to do any marketing.  His results and reputation speak for themselves.
  2. With athletes, always do what is efficient and safe. Ben provided a great quote from Vern Gambetta on this. “If it doesn’t make you better at the sport, then don’t do it”
  3. When training athletes you have no time for fluff, get the job done and get them results.

Charles Poliquin – Questions and Answers Session

We rounded up the conference with an hour long questions and answers sessions with Charles.
  1. The best way to grow a business is through results.
  2. Pro-biotics may be more important to us than previously thought, especially if you eat a high protein diet.
  3. There has been a new form of cucurmin supplementation discovered that can cross the blood brain barrier and actually help remove plaque surrounding brain cells.  This could have benefits for neuro disorders such as alzheimer’s.
These are just small tid-bits that I was able to jot down and do not do the overall quality of the presentations any real justice.
A great three days, my only regret is that we could have had even more time!
Thanks to the Poliquin and MGM Grand teams who provided great service, knowledgeable help and an a superb experience.