Helping Men And Women Fix Their Back Pain For Good.

Personal Training and the Back Pain Program.

Brian is an experienced and passionate coach, rehab and fitness specialist.

Originally from the UK, Brian now lives and coaches clients in Brisbane. Running a rehabiltation facility in Brisbane CBD and training clients out of a private gym.

With over 13 years experience and a professional and friendly approach, Brian has forged a reputation for helping his clients rebuild their bodies and health from the ground up.

If you are  willing to work hard and be consistent, he can help you to get back in control of your body and build long lasting fitness habits to help shape your life.

Lower Back Pain and Injury Rehabilitation

Brian is a big believer in the value of the work of Professor Stuart McGill, having used his approach to overcome his own crippling back injury in 2013.

He is also a big believer in that the key to long-term success with back injuries is build a strong back and to keep as active as possible. The trick comes in knowing how to get it there, while working through the acute stages of pain and injury.

Having rehabilitated his own severe back injury allowed Brian to learn first hand about what works, and what does not, for long term success.

Part of which is learning that success with a back injury relies on your overall approach and not just a handful of exercises.

What is the key to success with a back injury? “It depends…” as Professor McGill would say.

Video: Can You Fix Back Pain For Good?


Provided you follow a few key points.


Brisbane Back Pain Program

Coming February 2020!

Personal Training

PT sessions are ideal for those who like to train both safely and effectively towards their goals.

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Building the Ultimate Back – Dr Stuart McGill (2015)
Precision Nutrition – Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition (2014)
The Art of Powerlifting – Australian Strength Coach (Seb Oreb) (2013)
BioSignature conference + BioSignature re-certification (2012)
PICP Level 1 and 2 Strength and Conditioning (2011)
BioSignature Modulation level 1 (2011)
1st For Sport (RFU) Strength and Conditioning Coach for Sports – Level 2 (2009)
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (2009)
CYQ Certificate Personal Training (2008)
CYQ Training in Different Environments (2008)
CYQ Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment (2008)
CYQ Nutrition and Weight Management (2007)
CYQ Business Marketing Skills for the Fitness Professional (2007)
REPs level 3 – Advanced Instructor Status (2007)
CYQ Resistance Training Programmes (2007)
CYQ Cardiovascular Programmes (2007)
CYQ Exercise and Fitness Knowledge (2007)
WABBA Fitness Instructor – Level 2 (2006)

Client Results

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