Friday Inspiration

Friday Inspiration: Christian Thibaudeau

Happy Easter! I hope everybody enjoys their Easter eggs responsibly. That or you work hard to EARN them. Today’s post is about Christian Thibaudeau, a strength coach who is slowly growing an almost cult like following. Christian contributes regularly to t-nation, with often illuminating approaches to gaining strength and size. What inspires me most is

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Friday Inspiration: Charles Poliquin

Today’s inspiration comes from a true legend in the Strength and Conditioning world, Mr Charles Poliquin. Charles has established a solid foundation for providing well researched and expert advice. In his career as a coach so far he has coached Olympic medalists in 12 different sports! I love reading articles for his unique blend of

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Friday Inspiration: Joe DeFranco

Today’s post is about legendary Strength coach Joe DeFranco. Joe is famed for his balls-to-the-wall training and for getting serious results with the athletes he works with. Joe’s training philosophy is based around the maxim “No gimmicks, just hard work” He has successfully combined elements of power-lifting training (West-side Barbell methods), traditional strength training, functional

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