Friday Inspiration: Charles Poliquin

Today’s inspiration comes from a true legend in the Strength and Conditioning world, Mr Charles Poliquin.

Charles has established a solid foundation for providing well researched and expert advice.

In his career as a coach so far he has coached Olympic medalists in 12 different sports!

I love reading articles for his unique blend of well researched fact and sometimes almost brutaly straight advice.

Charles shot into mainstream recognition with his contribrutions to t-nation and his extremely successful books, such as “The Poliquin Principles” and “Modern Trends in Strength Training”.

He also runs some of the most advanced training programmes for strength coaches and personal trainers in the world under his PICP certification programme.

To find out more about Charles and the certification programmes he runs, check out his site at

Here is a clip of Charles discussing some of the fundamental issues related to long-term health: