Fat loss

Detoxes. Shite.

Detoxes. Shite. Forgive the crassness of this post’s title, but at this point (3 weeks into 2017) I am utterly sick and tired of the relentless bullshit that is filling up my media feeds. As with every January, a big part of the white noise is devoted to ‘detoxing’ away the festive season’s sins in …

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Meditation…Just for those who want to wear brown sandals?

Meditation… …Just for those who want to wear brown sandals and eat nothing but quinoa? A great article appeared this week, that sheds light on an important discovery: http://www.businessinsider.com/vagus-nerve-stimulation-2015-6?IR=T   I’ll give the highlights for anyone who isn’t keen to read the full thing. 1. There is a nerve that connects your brain to you …

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The challenges of female fat loss

In theory, and with all things being equal, fat loss should just be as easy as eating less.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case (notice how I did not say it never is) as there are more factors that need to be considered – other than just treating the body as a calculator.

Newsletter: The Reality of Results

The reality of results, is it your psychology that’s holding you back? What are the most important expectations you should have to actually get results? I’m very lucky (and proud) to say I’ve helped some of my clients achieve remarkable results over 12 week, 8 week, and hell, even 4 week periods. Working in this …

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Further Education…

Today sees me beginning the Precision Nutrition course on the essentials of sport and exercise nutrition.   This is the most recommended and highly rated course in the industry for nutrition, so I am looking forward to getting my teeth into it over the next few weeks.