Meditation…Just for those who want to wear brown sandals?

…Just for those who want to wear brown sandals and eat nothing but quinoa?

A great article appeared this week, that sheds light on an important discovery:


I’ll give the highlights for anyone who isn’t keen to read the full thing.

1. There is a nerve that connects your brain to you your other organs – the Vagus nerve.

2. This nerve acts a as a feedback between your heart, digestive tract and even some of your muscles.

3. In times of prolonged (chronic) stress – its function is hampered and the optimal control of certain inflammatory responses in the body can start to run out of control.

4. Vagus nerve stimulation and increased activity levels have been correlated with the body improving its response to stress and improving the symptoms of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Meditation has been shown to increase vagus nerve activity.

6. The Vagus nerve activity in those who led a more active lifestyle was shown to be increased.

What this means for you…

Chronic inflammation and stress can both reek havoc with your long-term health, energy and waistline.

Learning to manage stress through relaxing daily habits (relaxed walking outside, naps, etc), meditation and increasing productive exercise will all help you to build better health and shrink that gut.

Plus you now have a genuine reason to practice mediation without fear of being accused of simply wanting to join the brown sandals and nothing but quinoa gang…
P.S. If you feel you’ve lost control of your health and need some help to get back in control, get in contact in with me.