Testimonial: Well Done Stuart!

“I am still a keen cricketer and soccer player into my late 50s After a lifetime of wear and tear from 40+ years of competitive sport as well as poor posture from too much time hunched over a computer at work, I was suffering regular niggly injuries, taking far too much Voltaren and spending a fortune on physio treatment.”

Well Done Dan!

“I was in a high speed motorbike accident on the racetrack because, in the words of other racers, “I ran out of talent”.

I consulted numerous doctors, specialists and physios and was prescribed all kinds of meds and suffered many treatments both conventional and unconventional without any success.”

Well Done James!

Another solid result! “This is the best money I have ever spent on my back! I have spent thousands of dollars on trying to feel better and “fix my back”. Physio, Osteo, acupuncture and holistic medicine. I never thought that enquiring to an ad on Instagram would bring me some much relief. With years of …

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Well Done Rich!

Well done Rich! “First off – I can’t recommend Brian highly enough! I had serious back pain for many months, including shooting sciatic pain down my right leg – at times I was relying on strong anti-inflammatories and codeine to get through the day and to be able to get to sleep. I tried multiple …

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Well Done Ronny!

Well done Ronny! Ronny is a keen BJJ player and I make no bones about BJJ being the toughest sport I can think of on a bad back. Particularly as we have to account for not just your weight and movement, but that of your opponent as well. …But tough does not mean impossible we …

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