Back Pain Testimonial: Chris Cook

When the motorcycle mechanic met the back mechanic…

“Brian restored my confidence and taught me how to achieve and maintain a pain-free lower back with no surgery.

After suffering a workplace accident in 2019, I was hospitalized with extreme lower back pain.

Unfortunately, the rehabilitation recommended was the catalyst for the following years of regular lower back pain from my occupation as a motorcycle mechanic.

I reinjured my lower back at work in 2023 with sciatica symptoms requiring pain medication after 14 appointments with a physio. My doctor wasn’t happy with the progress and ordered a CT scan of my L4/L5 disc which had a large extrusion.

My Doctor was positive about recovery but said I may need surgery if it didn’t improve. My physiotherapist commented I wouldn’t be able to continue my 20-year profession after surgery.

Being in constant pain and increasing anxiety I felt my Physiotherapist had given up. I was on my own so I started researching the internet and found Robin McKenzie which led to Dr Stuart McGill. Through Dr McGill’s website I saw Brian was certified in Brisbane I researched his website read all the testimonials several times and watched his videos on his Facebook page.

From the first assessment I knew Brian was different; when he carried out a full lower back assessment and explained my back pain and the day-to-day aggravators that slowed down recovery it made sense. He also started the treatment by giving me a written strengthening plan with a complete list of videos about managing back pain.

In 16 weeks, I was pain-free with no sciatica symptoms and taking no pain management medication. After a physically demanding day at work, my exercise program designed by Brian maintains my core muscles to remain active and strong. I haven’t had any recurrent disc injuries since seeing Brisbane Back Pain.

When someone says they have back pain I recommend them to Brian.”