Back Pain Testimonial: Matt O’Sullivan

“My lower back pain started in my 20s. I’m 50 now. Bouts of pain continued on and off but who doesn’t get occasional back pain right? It’s normal! If only I could go back in time and chat to my younger self.

Those bouts got worse and then 2 years ago my pain became persistent, just worse in the mornings. Yoga, physio and a musculoskeletal physicians advice wasn’t helping.

I was on the verge of not being able to go to work due to pain. Thankfully I stumbled across Stuart McGill, bought his books and learned all I could. His website led me to Brian and I’ve never looked back.

I’m shocked at how badly back pain is managed by most health professionals. I was doing exercises which undoubtedly prolonged my instability.

Brian is a very experienced practitioner. My personalised programme has been time consuming and a challenging commitment but after a few weeks I started to get results.

I’m off pain killers. My daily spasms have gone. I am now in control and confident that my dodgy back pain won’t ruin my life!

Thank you Brian!

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