Well Done Blake!

Another solid review!

Well done Blake! BIG OSS on a safe return to BJJ.

“I decided to see Brian after trying to manage and deal with my chronic lower back pain myself for over a year.

Although most of the time my back pain was not extremely painful for me, it was chronic and would never seem to go away.

It controlled my life, I was never able to completely focus on what I was doing because in the background was always that feeling of discomfort whether that be at work, at home or while doing my sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and work with Brian to take ownership over my back pain.

Through working with Brian I was able to completely flip the coin with regards to my back pain. I no longer have the dark cloud of back pain following me wherever I go.

Working with Brian has also made a massive difference to my jiu jitsu game, I’m much stronger and able to consistently participate in hard sparring which would have completely wrecked me before. Brian will teach you to take ownership over your pain rather than be at the mercy of it.

Brian will give you tools and habits that will keep you fit and healthy for the long term. You will definitely need to put in the work but the effort is well worth it. I highly recommend you go see Brian for an assessment if you are suffering with back pain.”