Managing Lower Back Pain and Issues

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My new website is up and running!

If you struggle with lower back issues and want some practical advice to help you reduce pain and improve movement in your hips and lower back, then check it out!

It features some free advice and tips, plus a downloadable manual to help you learn in detail how best to manage lower back pain issues.

The manual itself is spilt into several sections that cover:

  • Issues and the main causes of lower back pain
  • Trigger pointing and release techniques to help reduce pain and improve movement
  • Mobility drills to help open up the hips and reduce strain on your lower back muscles
  • Strengthening exercises to help improve the robustness and stability of your lower back

Each section and exercise comes with a detailed video and instructions, so that you can learn exactly how to perform the exercises and drills.

I’ve put together the exercises, manual and videos based upon the work of the real experts such as Dr Stuart McGill, Eric Cressy and Mike Robertson.  Bringing together the techniques I have learnt from them to manage my own back issues and those of my clients.

Sick of living with lower back pain? Then check it out today!

Also check out this video of 3 top tips to help you manage lower back pain better:

3 tips that will help you manage lower back pain better:

1. Move more, sit less. Sitting for long periods tightens up our hip-flexor muscles and uses up the flexion capacity in our backs.

2. Become aware of your posture. By standing and sitting tall, we can spare stress on the lower back. Keep your shoulders back and your neck straight.

3. Stretch your hip-flexor muscles. The tighter they are, the more pressure there will be on your lower back.