Back Pain: Where to Start.

With chronic back injuries it can be hard (and frustrating) to know where to start.

Instead of looking for that panacea, that magic bullet exercise or even the latest gizmo being advertised on the internet; take some to time understand the causes of the injury.

The goal is to build a clear list of movements, postures and habits that aggravate the back; sensitising it to pain.

From this list, the real nature of the injury can be determined. From this a plan can be built to not only let the back settle, but to also begin rebuilding its strength and resilience.

Remember there are 3 outcomes to any exercise/movement/posture/habit we use…

  1. Makes it better.
  2. Has no effect.
  3. Makes its worse.

Avoid anything that makes it feel worse, avoid wasting time with things that have no effect, focus on those that make it better.

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