Bondi Back Pain Program

The Bondi Back Pain Program.

Remove Pain, Build Strength and Avoid Surgery.

Bondi Junction’s specialized 12 week program helping eastern suburbs men and women:

  • ✅ Identify and remove the underlying causes of back pain; including how disc bulges, herniations and sciatica are created.
  • ✅Stop pain dictating day-to-day life and tasks.
  • ✅ Build a core of solid armor to protect the back, allowing a safe return to the regular exercise and sport they love.
  • ✅ Who have a weekly budget of $150 for expert, one-to-one coaching and support.

There are no gym memberships to pay for, simply pay for the specialist coaching and support you receive.


Located in a private training studio at 1/175-181 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction; just a 5 minute walk from Bondi Junction train station.

Note: Sessions are also available in
Sydney CBD.

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Client Testimonials

Chris Smith

“After 4 years of lower back pain and seeing countless ‘specialist’ doctors, physios, osteos, remedial therapists, chiros, I had almost resigned myself to accept the fact that this pain would be with me for the rest of my life.

Simple tasks like getting home from work on the bus became a real issue. I’d have to break the 25-minute journey into two so I could get off walk around for 5 minutes and get on the next bus.

After much deliberation as to what to do next, and realising I just wasn’t going to accept my issues, I discovered Brian. By this point, I think I was also a little skeptical about ‘back specialists’, but after my first few weeks with Brian I was convinced I was on the right track.

Brian focused initially on eliminating my pain. We started small, concentrating on form, and identifying my triggers. In a short space of time I moved up to strengthening my core, hips and back.

The progression kept me motivated – I knew it was down to me to do the work, but Brian kept me honest with my approach and provided me with the confidence to keep going. It is incredibly rewarding to leave a session and feel so much more invigorated, pain-free and alive.

Brian was able to provide me with a program that was specifically tailored to my issues, a program I could easily follow.

This has made the world of difference in my life.”

Andy Kelly

“About 8 years ago while working in the tree industry, I had a run in with a 350kg log that came swinging from a tree we were removing. It narrowly missed my spine, (fracturing 5 Transverse process attached to the lower spine, Brian you can explain what they are to people if you like!!)

After the bruising went down a couple of months later I realised that I was in for one hell of a journey to try and get back into any sort of shape to lead a normal life.
I had always been active, Climbing trees, playing sport, swimming, you name it, I’ve tried it.

I got to a stage after a couple of years that I could somewhat function, but only for a short time, after any sort of strenuous exercise/activity I knew that the pain would be coming back, with a vengeance, so I gradually start making excuses for not training or not trying really, born out of frustration from thinking the pain was just going to return, so why bother.

I have seen all the usual suspects over the last few years, Osteo, Chiro, Physio, basically anything with an O , I’ve tried, and they would patch the pain for a week or two, before the next spasm, and few days/ weeks not being able to walk, afraid to bend down, sneeze, sleep to long in one position, the list goes on.

The pain was getting so bad recently that I basically missed my younger sister’s wedding, I could not stand up or even sit down without excruciating pain.
I have a 3 year old boy who I couldn’t pick up, and he would say to me ”is your back sore daddy, I will rub it for you” This had to stop!!!!!

So after seeing an ad for Brian Ellicott promising to fix my back pain, I thought why not, you’ve tried everything else!

Since starting with Brian 3 months ago, I am glad to say that I have had no spasms, no pain, he has identified my weaknesses and addressed them straight away. He is constantly educating me on the right and wrong way to exercise. I am now back training regularly without the fear of harm.

And the best part of all, is I can now pick my boy up and play like normal parents do.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has back or any other injuries for that matter, where they are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Giorgios Samartzis

“After visiting a chiropractor to “fix” my posture I ended up with a herniated disc which was causing sciatica down one leg and resulted in pain and numbness. I was almost completely crippled for some time.

Here I was, a 40 year old who used to be a competitive athlete suddenly could not sit, stand, walk or do the normal things people do on a daily basis. It was the first time in my life where I felt hopeless and the thought of not being able to do any form or exercise for the rest of my life was very depressing.

At the same time I had lost 10kgs of muscle within a space of 6 weeks from not being able to train, while gluteal muscle atrophy also started developing.

Visits to the physio became more and more frustrating as it seemed like nothing besides a surgery could cure me.

The specialist gave me 3 months to let my back heal on its own before surgery could be considered, but even 5 months later there was hardly any improvement.

After researching on the different surgery methods and their success rate I was more and more convinced that I didn’t want anyone touching my back. I knew that I would never be the same after having surgery.

So I started looking at alternative treatments and came across Brian Ellicott.

Just when I thought it was all over Brian showed me that it was not the case. His knowledge and approach helped me turn everything around and made me feel hopeful again.

He was very careful and methodical on how he approached my issue specifically which made me feel confident and safe at all times. He was with me in every step of the process, making sure that I was making progress and that his instructions were followed accurately.

Brian’s tailored program is carefully designed with a range of exercises which assist in taking the pressure of the spine while strengthening the muscles around it in order to protect it.

Within 2 months from when I started seeing Brian the pain was significantly reduced and mobility was increased. Just over 3 months later I was able to get back to the gym and getting my fitness back to where it was.

I highly recommend Brian to anyone who wants to see real results and is not looking for “band aid solutions”.”

Michael Tweedie

“Thank you Brian for giving me hope when I was at wits end.

I was a little skeptical at first after visiting numerous physios and doctors after so many years of acute lower back pain and general discomfort.

After about 4 weeks of tailored rehabilitation exercises I was starting to gain pain free movement and my confidence started to grow exponentially. I was really impressed with the results after a short period of time. I’ve continued working with Brian since and am and am back in the water surfing and playing sport. An absolute result.

His approach made me aware of my old flaws and bad habits but provided the understanding of my pain providing me the fundamentals for a healthy back however utilising the right tools and specific pain free tailored exercises to over engineer a stronger back.

There is no universal cause or cure for back pain therefore a cure that leads to success for me might be different for you, however, Brian’s focus and knowledge will help you find your own pain triggers and match them to the treatment that’s right for you.
I am now 100% confident that if I have a relapse or lower back flare up, I have the right tools and exercises to alleviate the pain in a matter of days.

Anybody with prolonged lower back pain issues should have some scans and take them along to Brian. He’s not a miracle worker but does have a unique approach to restore a pain free back. You’ll have to put in some hard work but you’ll be pleasantly surprised and reaping the rewards.

He’s a great guy to work with and patient but will push you when needed to get the best out of you. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brian to anybody with back pain issues.”

Jarrod Payne

“About 10 years ago I slipped my L5/S1 disc playing cricket causing months of pain. I saw all of the usual people to resolve this, chiropractor, physio, GP etc. and while my back got better it never returned to perfect.

This was largely manageable day to day until, about 4 years ago, I decided to get in shape and starting lifting weights and being more active. My back continued to flare up from time to time and in May this year I slipped the disc again and my back went into spasm, causing pain to the point where I could basically not function at all.

I saw a physio and a doctor and was unhappy with the treatment and advice as it was exactly what i had gotten before. So i decided to approach the problem from a different direction and started working with Brian.

We have worked together on identifying a few basic movements that are really beneficial for me and that I always need to do before getting into my strength training exercise.

There are 4 things that Brian has really done to help me:

1) He taught me some basic movement patterns to stop me from hurting myself over and over again.
2) He showed me the essential rehab exercises to get strong enough to support my spine and keep it from moving in the wrong directions.
3) He re-engineered my technique to prevent my from hurting my back while squatting.
4) He taught me how to keep track of signposts that let me know my back is at risk and what to do about it

Brian has also taken a lot of pleasure in showing me the multiple ways my body and me have found to cheat over the years, while training. Slowly working to re-learn certain movements to make them more effective. It is a slow but sure process!

With weeks my back started to feel better, with the first 3 months i had more and more time when it felt perfect! Even better than before i had re-injured the disc.

Now it is perfect 90% of the time and I have the tools I need to fix it when it does flare up. I can walk, run, play sport and hit the gym again and best of all my 5RM squat is now more than 100KG, not bad since I could barely walk when I started with Brian.”

If you have back issues I can’t recommend Brian strongly enough. This guy knows his stuff!”

This program is ideal for those who are sick of wasting time with short-term fixes for their back pain.

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