Back Pain: Can You Heal Disc Bulges?

Can You Heal Disc Bulges?


But only if you remove the movement and posture habits that have created them.

Think of a disc bulge as having a wound on your arm. If you leave your arm to heal, it will.

However if you keep picking at the scab everyday it will never heal. This is how a disc bulge responds to constant aggravation from poor movement and posture.

Flexion Intolerance.

The most common way disc bulges are created is through constant flexion (rounding forward) cycles that exceed the limits of what the discs can tolerate before damage occurs.

So the most important step we can take to help heal our backs long-term is to practice spinal maintenance; the practice of improving our movement to spare the lower back and allow it to settle.

Using a lumbar support while sitting for long periods is a great example of this. The support will hold our lower back in a neutral position and spare the discs from aggravation.

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