The Sydney CBD Back Pain Program.

Getting nowhere, despite endless physio/chiro/osteo bills?

The specialist 12 week program helping Sydney men and women:

  • ✅ Address the real root causes of back pain; including disc bulges, herniations and sciatica.
  • ✅ Build an effective and tailored long-term plan to prevent future flare-ups and spasms.
  • ✅ Return to regular exercise and sport safely by building a core of solid iron to protect the back.
  • ✅ Who have a budget of $150 per week for specialist, one-to-one coaching and support.

There are no gym memberships to pay for, simply pay for the expert one-to-one coaching and support you receive.

This rehabilitation program is designed to help those sick of short-term fixes, build a strong, pain free back that lasts.

Sydney CBD Location:

Crossfit Athletic, 28 Margaret street, Sydney CBD.

Conveniently located a 1 minute walk from Wynyard train station.

Note: Coaching is also available in
Bondi Junction

Free Consultation:

This program is ideal for those who are sick of short-term solutions and want a personalised, long-term plan of action.

If that sounds like you, fill out the form below to apply for a free, 60 minute, initial consultation.


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Jarrod Payne

“About 10 years ago I slipped my L5/S1 disc playing cricket causing months of pain. I saw all of the usual people to resolve this, chiropractor, physio, GP etc. and while my back got better it never returned to perfect.

This was largely manageable day to day until, about 4 years ago, I decided to get in shape and starting lifting weights and being more active. My back continued to flare up from time to time and in May this year I slipped the disc again and my back went into spasm, causing pain to the point where I could basically not function at all.

I saw a physio and a doctor and was unhappy with the treatment and advice as it was exactly what i had gotten before. So i decided to approach the problem from a different direction and started working with Brian.

There are 4 things that Brian has really done to help me:

1) He taught me some basic movement patterns to stop me from hurting myself over and over again.
2) He showed me the essential rehab exercises to get strong enough to support my spine and keep it from moving in the wrong directions.
3) He re-engineered my technique to prevent my from hurting my back while squatting.
4) He taught me how to keep track of signposts that let me know my back is at risk and what to do about it

With weeks my back started to feel better, with the first 3 months i had more and more time when it felt perfect! Even better than before i had re-injured the disc.

Now it is perfect 90% of the time and I have the tools I need to fix it when it does flare up. I can walk, run, play sport and hit the gym again and best of all my 5RM squat is now more than 100KG, not bad since I could barely walk when I started with Brian.”

If you have back issues I can’t recommend Brian strongly enough. This guy knows his stuff!”

Andy Kelly

“About 8 years ago while working in the tree industry, I had a run in with a 350kg log that came swinging from a tree we were removing. It narrowly missed my spine, (fracturing 5 Transverse process attached to the lower spine, Brian you can explain what they are to people if you like!!)

After the bruising went down a couple of months later I realised that I was in for one hell of a journey to try and get back into any sort of shape to lead a normal life.

I had always been active, Climbing trees, playing sport, swimming, you name it, I’ve tried it.

I got to a stage after a couple of years that I could somewhat function, but only for a short time, after any sort of strenuous exercise/activity I knew that the pain would be coming back, with a vengeance, so I gradually start making excuses for not training or not trying really, born out of frustration from thinking the pain was just going to return, so why bother.

I have seen all the usual suspects over the last few years, Osteo, Chiro, Physio, basically anything with an O , I’ve tried, and they would patch the pain for a week or two, before the next spasm, and few days/ weeks not being able to walk, afraid to bend down, sneeze, sleep to long in one position, the list goes on.

The pain was getting so bad recently that I basically missed my younger sister’s wedding, I could not stand up or even sit down without excruciating pain.
I have a 3 year old boy who I couldn’t pick up, and he would say to me ”is your back sore daddy, I will rub it for you” This had to stop!!!!!

So after seeing an ad for Brian Ellicott promising to fix my back pain, I thought why not, you’ve tried everything else!

Since starting with Brian 3 months ago, I am glad to say that I have had no spasms, no pain, he has identified my weaknesses and addressed them straight away. He is constantly educating me on the right and wrong way to exercise. I am now back training regularly without the fear of harm.

And the best part of all, is I can now pick my boy up and play like normal parents do.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who has back or any other injuries for that matter, where they are struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Mark Harrison

“Having suffered back problems for the past four years I have visited numerous GP’s, Osteo’s and Physio’s all with limited to no success and plenty of $’s down the pan.

Coming back from a trip to Queenstown with my back having gone on the first day meaning that I missed out on all the activities that had been booked I was starting to think that this was just how it was going to be going forward. I had all but given up on camping, kayaking, cycling and all the outdoors fun stuff that made up the majority of my weekends.
I saw Brian’s advert on Facebook and thought I would give the free consultation a go.

He came across as highly knowledgeable in the area of back rehabilitation and for the first time someone was talking to me about a structured, individualized training plan targeted at my specific problem areas (L4/L5) as opposed to the one size fits all approach that I had heard so many times before.

On the first day I walked/hobbled in I was in a lot of pain. Having worked out the correct exercises it was a case of going through these on a weekly basis at Brian’s gym and then homework to do throughout the week. Within two weeks the pain had subsided dramatically and within four weeks I was pain free.

During the period of in-activity I had put on a fair bit of weight. Outside of the back rehab Brian also put together a nutrition plan for me which saw me lose 5 kilo’s in 4 weeks as well as a drop of 3% body fat. This was not a result of dieting but purely through changing eating habits.

All in all after eight weeks it is going very well. I am back on my bike twice a week and in the kayak again at weekends.

Brian will put a plan in place with regards to exercise and diet specifically targeted for your individual needs and then hold you accountable for your own efforts outside of your one on ones with him. It also helps that he is a good bloke with a great attitude to getting you back to where you need to be.”

Lewis Jaffrey

“So I’m 34 years old and have thrown loads of money at chiropractors and osteopaths over the last 8 years.

I met Brian in October and after an hour long assessment where I could barely walk he proclaims ” no more sharp pains in 2 weeks and pain free in about 4 weeks”.

I laughed at him at the time but he certainly knows what he’s talking about. I was so good for the first two weeks and did the exercises I was told, but because they yielded great results I got lazy. This slowed down my progress but when I got back into my homework I couldn’t believe how fast the improvements came.

I now look forward to sneezing instead of fearing it. I can bend over at work without being afraid someone is going to have to come and get me, and can do the manly things at home again without the fear of having to go straight to the Chiro. Most importantly my girlfriend can jump my bones without fear of me yelling and collapsing to the floor 😉

Brian makes the really tedious exercises as entertaining as possible and changes them frequently so you don’t get too bored.

I’ve already recommended friends to him and you will too.”

About the coach

Brian is a fully qualified corrective exercise specialist and strength coach with over 12 years of experience helping men and women rebuild their health and fitness from the ground up

His main strength lies in having to overcome is own serious back injury 4 years ago, allowing him to understand the frustration of dealing with a debilitating back injury, how to successfully overcome it and return safely to training in the gym.

This program is ideal for those who want to build a strong, robust and pain free back that lasts.

If that sounds like you, fill out the form below to apply for a free, 60 minute, initial consultation.