A little, no make that a MASSIVE rant…

I keep experiencing an odd phenomenon now that I’ve started using BioSignature with clients.

The use of well chosen supplements is VERY IMPORTANT to getting results, as they can be used to overcome serious nutritional deficiencies and support the excretion of toxins from the body:

As those of you who have had your assessments done, for the most part I recommend Poliquin’s own supplements.  They do not come cheap, but there are 4 very good reasons why I recommend them:

  1. They work.
  2. The are of the highest quality manufacturing and ingredients possible (http://us.cpoliquin.com/category_s/44.htm)
  3. He puts his own name to them.

But don’t take my word for it:

From Nick Mitchell (London’s most reputable trainer for results – has written for both Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness): http://www.nickmitchellblog.com/poliquin-performance-supplements/

Independent review (multi vitamin vs. centrum): http://ezinearticles.com/?Are-Poliquin-Supplements-Worth-the-Money?&id=4535773

Now back to the odd phenomenon, I’ve called it “BS-itus”.

It usually occurs as follows:

  1. Young male comes for BioSignature and advice on how to get lean/ripped/jacked/hench/massive/cut…etc and tells me about how important it is to them to get results
  2. After the assessment I recommend the most beneficial supplements and training to overcome usually years of appalling diet, lifestyle and training practices
  3. They moan about how expensive they are and training is and don’t buy them or invest in regular coaching
  4. They think nothing of blowing £40 – £60 a night on the booze – sometimes two nights in a row
  5. They then moan about not getting results

Why is it called BS-itus? Because when you talk about not being able to afford good quality supplements yet are willing to spend £60 a week turning yourself into a human waste disposal unit, I must assume you have a serious mental condition.

In some very acute cases, said young male will then go on to spend even more money on the latest protein powder/creatine supplement or any other genuinely over-priced nonsense that comes in a fancy pot because the bloke (jacked off his head on steroids and paid to advertise it for large sums of money) who advertised the product in the magazine looked awesome.

There is however a cure…

Stop deluding yourself and get focused on what is really important – GREAT HEALTH, FITNESS AND A HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE FOR YEARS TO COME.

If you want results you have to make changes, if you didn’t you would already be where you wanted to be.