My top 10 tips for fat loss and training success in 2013…

top_ten1. Get good quality advice. Hire a coach with a reputation for results and follow what they say.

2. Measure your progress – get regular measurements done to chart your progress and make sure what you are doing is working.

3. Avoid advice ‘soundbites’ – what works for you, works for you – let results speak for themselves and avoid ‘to good to be true’ bandwagons and sweeping statements.

4. test and restore your magnesium. Along with zinc its one of the most common deficiencies. Magnesium plays a hug role insulin sensitivity and stress management – two key factors for fat loss.

5. Bad back? Trigger point your thoracic thoroughly. Sitting in a chair all day puts your posture out of alignment, stressing the lower back. Work on the upper back to help correct it.

6. Sore knee? Thoroughly trigger point your calves and glutes – both will cause the leg to twist slightly as you move, putting pressure on the knee.

7. Support your recovery with good nutrition and quality rest. You will achieve far greater results this way.

8. Warm up effectively – if your idea of warming up for legs day is 10 mins on cross-trainer, see a coach immediatley, we are about to unlock the secrets to your best workouts.

9. Learn the difference between fat loss foods and healthy foods.

10. Avoid the fat gain formula: (F + S) x St = Fat. (Fat + sugar) x Stress = Fat. Eat well and manage your stress. A very simple and effective way to look at fat gain and loss that I learnt from the good people at Metabolic Effect