Client Study: Healing Disc Bulges and Sciatica – Part 2

Disc Bulges, Sciatica and Leg Weakness – Part 2.

Back in with Aidan this week.

Last week (first video) he came in with with a very active disc bulge that was causing sciatica and weakness in his left leg.

He has done a great job with passive modalities (disc recovery position) and being mindful to spare his back from flexion where he can….

This has allowed the disc bulge to retract, gristle and begin to heal, and hence his sciatic symptoms have settled.


He still has some weakness in that left leg, he feels particularly weak in his left calf muscle.


This actually due to his calf working overtime to compensate for his feeble left glute.


Using some some wisdom from the wise and powerful @andrew_lock_strength we have begun the process of rebuilding glute strength and control.

As he masters this week’s exercises and the glute becomes stronger, his walking pattern will tidy up even more and he will feel even more stable 😎


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