Client Study: Healing Disc Bulges and Sciatica – Part 1

Aidan came in this week after a flare-up of a chronic sciatica pain caused by a disc bulge.

How did I know it was a disc bulge causing the sciatica?

We tested for it.

Sciatica caused by a disc bulge is one of the easiest problems to test for, understand and then address.

If we move into a position of compressed flexion, the pain will increase immediately.

If we move into a position of de-compressed extension, the pain will decrease immediately.

So Aidan’s goal knowing this is his injury mechanic, is to spare his back from compressed flexion as much as he can to give that disc time to gristle and heal.

If he does a good enough job, the bulge will heal and his sciatica will be gone for good.

Simple 😎