Video: Back Pain and Bank Balance.

Back Pain and Bank Balance.

What is the single most important concept to understand for long-term success with back injuries?

Understanding your back’s health and work capacity as a bank balance.

This simple concept will help you break the frustration of getting nowhere with back pain, and gain the first level of understanding to get in control of it.

The Back Pain Bank Account…

Just as with a regular bank balance, payments are made in and withdrawals are taken out.

If the balance is still positive at the end of the day, the back will feel good the next.

If the bank balance gets too low, or even worse becomes overdrawn, then the back will become tight and painful.

The goal for any rehab program focused on long-term success is to help build that bank balance; not only to ensure that there is enough for what is needed day-to-day, but also to build some extra capacity as a safety margin.

By managing the daily withdrawals and consistently paying into the account, it is possible to build a strong, robust and pain free lower back that lasts.

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