2012 in review…

The year in review…

A little bit different this week, as I’ll list some of the most impressive results throughout the year:

  • Stephen – Down 5% bodyfat and up by 5kg of lean muscle mass since July
  • Myles – Down 5% bodyfat and up by 4.6kg of lean mass since July and now 9.1% bodyfat!
  • Brett – Down nearly 9% bodyfat and 4.5kg of lean muscle gained since April. Now at a lean mean 11.4%!
  • Richenda – dropped 4% in 6 weeks on her BioSig program!
  • Renee – setting a new female record by dropping 3.1% in her first week!
  • James – now down 8% bodyfat!
  • Steve – down 11.1% since April!
  • Nat – now down 7% since the end of September!
  • Lewis sets a new all time male record – dropping down to an incredible 4% bodyfat and 5kg of lean mass gained in 5 weeks!
  • Alex – down 6.4% bodyfat and 4kg of lean mass gained in 9 weeks

There are two very important names missing from this list, and for good reason, as the two people that are missing have made my clients of the year for their outstanding results.


Male client of the year…Geoffrey Webb!

Geoffrey has made some outstanding progress this year and has even made our legendary client of the month for January.

Since February Geoffrey has dropped 10% bodyfat and gained 10kg of lean muscle at the same time, with him now sitting at 6.5% bodyfat!

Geoffrey gives 100% at every session we work together and is consistent with his training and diet when I’m not around.

We’ve even had to overcome some serious back and shoulder issues that have plaqued his training for years.

In my opinion, Geoffrey now sports one of the best physiques in the gym!

Well done Geoffrey!


Female client of the year…Rach Low

Massive well done to Rach who has been setting the standard for the girls.

Since March Rach has dropped 10% bodyfat, hitting an incredible 8.4% bodyfat!!!

Rach trains with Steph and we often joke that we should just enter her into a female fitness model comp, wheeling her on out stage at some point.

Rach doesn’t have it easy – with a busy family and her own business to run and look after, she still manages to make time to train and eat right.

Well done Rach!

Neither Geoffrey or Rach get everything about training and diet perfect everyday, but they do their best to get the important things done consistently.

They do both have weekly BioSignature Modulation assessments – so that I can track progress and monitor the small changes we need to make to their nutrition and supplements.


Things I have learnt this year as a coach…(and some things that have been re-enforced)


1. The number on the scale means diddley squat – it’s your bodyfat % that hold the key for progress, results and your health.

I’ve found in most cases this year that clients are around the right weight, with the scales not making any major changes, even though their bodyfat can drop dramatically.


2. Most female clients and male clients don’t actually eat enough to lose fat

Seems insane to most people when I say it – YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH TO DROP FAT. But when you routinely under-eat, your metabolism will slow and your estrogen and cortisol will go through the roof.

A good way for me to tell is to get clients to either take photos of their food – so I can quickly check portion sizes, or give them a cheat meal.

So if you’re one of those who has followed a brutally strict diet, got no results, had a blow out and suddenly dropped fat – you can be sure you routinely don’t eat enough.

So stuff yourself with lean meats, fish, healthy fats and LOTS OF VEGGIES! Throw a weekly cheat meal in there as well and you’ll be on the right track in no time.


3. High estrogen toxicity will seriously hamper results

When I did my first BioSignature course in London in February last year, Charles Poliquin told us that the UK and Australia are the two worst countries for estrogen toxicity.

If you want my honest opinion – it’s even more of a problem here in Oz, that it was back in the UK.

But why is it such a problem for fat loss? Here’s a list of issues:

  • Estrogen interferes with your thyroid function – part of the reason why Hypothyroidism is more common in women then men.
  • It will ruin your insulin sensitivity, meaning you’ll have a lower tolerance for carbohydrates in your diet and will struggle staying lean
  • Because of the hampered insulin sensitivity, you’ll find it harder to control blood sugar – which in turn will increase cortisol production as the body becomes chronically stressed
  • It will cause more fat storage in the lower half of the body
  • High estrogen levels will make you feel lethargic, stressed, unable to concentrate and make it way harder to train

Have a look at these two great articles for some more info:





4. The KISS principle….

The Keep It Simple Stupid principle is something I’ve had to remind myself of time and again over my 6 years as a coach.

When a client isn’t getting results, go back and check the basics of their training and nutrition – is there anything fundamental that need to be changed?

Usually a few little tweaks here and there to the basics will get results back on track, without the need for overly complex training routines or supplement schedules.


The Juggernauts Cometh…

Juggernaut – “a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path…”

After the success of project X – with Brett, Geoffrey and Myles leading the way with their results – I’m going to start another project in January based upon functional hypertrophy.

This means getting bigger and stronger, working mostly between 4-8 reps with different phases.

I’ll also be tweaking it to allow for different genetic types and specific goals.

So if you’re keen to add some real muscle and strength in the new year, let me know asap.

The target will be 6kg of lean mass added in 12 weeks!

As with project x, you’ll need to be training with me at least once a week so I can monitor progress.

If your really serious, then two or more session will allow me to push you beyond any limitations you have about what you think you can achieve.

The official start will be the second week in January – but I can make adjustments if you’re keen and away on holidays until later.

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas and make plenty of time to relax, enjoy yourselves and spend time with those important to you.

I’ll look forward to seeing you all in the new year.


Health. Strength. Life.