New Year, Let’s Go!

x7hYFSo a new year has started, and my facebook feed and email box is full of long winded and over-hyped approaches to the year ahead for usual Jan/Feb rush back to the gym.

I’ll take a different approach this year, with an honest, realistic and quietly determined approach.


Achieving your health and fitness goals…

My advice is to break it down into 4 simple stages:


1. Measure your current position and set a meaningful goal

If you’re keen to drop body-fat, get your BF% measured as a starting point.

Then decided where you want to be in 6/8/10 or even 12 weeks time – dropping 0.5% – 1% per week is a solid target.

The same applies if you want to gain muscle or strength – measure you starting point so you can set a destination.

Ignore the scales – they will drive you mental and they mean nothing for the most part as you can drop and gain water in the blink of an eye.

2. Get a solid plan together

That’s where the help of a good coach can come in.

We can work together to draw up a plan based upon your goals and a tailored approach for you towards your nutrition, training and any supplements that can help.

3. Measure progress as you go and set small week by week targets

Getting your body-fat levels measured each week or every other week will help keep you focused and give your motivation a little push.

How your clothes fit can also be a good measure of progress.  As a rough guide, if you drop a dress size – you will have dropped around 5% bodyfat.

BioSignature Modualtion is the perfect tool for this.

Again the same applies for muscle or strength. For muscle, measure how your lean mass is progressing. For strength, re-test on the key exercises you want to improve in.

You know where you’re starting from,  you know where you want to go and now you can check to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.


4. DO

Sounds obvious, but there are too many people who talk a good game about their plans but forget the most important part – actually getting off your ass and doing it!


Don’t over-complicate the process, just take the time to flesh out some realistic goals and a plan to get you there.