Well Done Ross!

“How do you write a quick testimonial, about someone that has completely changed your life?

I ruptured my disc at L5/S1 and herniated the discs at level L2/L3 and L3/ L4, in a training accident in April 2005.

Following the accident I had multiple minor surgical procedures, I then had a total artificial disc replacement in March 2010, I was significantly worse after this procedure and I would learn some 23 month later that this surgery was a failure. I was left with major nerve damage and chronic sacroiliac pain. Once the degree of damage was identified, I underwent further corrective surgical intervention including lumbar spinal fusion and Sacroiliac joint fusion in 2014.

While this surgery was deemed successful and I experienced some relief and gained some increased movement, I was still left with constant pain and after much resistance I submitted to a sedentary and mostly inactive lifestyle. I was offered periodic cortisone injections and narcotic pain medication to manage and I also underwent physiotherapy as frequently as twice weekly, which enabled me to function, but there was no long term resolution.

From Feb 2014 I accepted my reduced capacity and conducted my life accordingly, I would continue to suffer aggravations at the slightest increase in activity, most that would leave me immobilised and bed ridden for periods of up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on the severity. Typically while I was unable to sleep during an aggravation, I spent hours searching the internet for alternative treatments and a solution to my situation. Over the years I have tried a number of different things including massage, yoga, aqua therapy, Pilates, kinesiology, Bowen therapy and the list goes on. 

About 8 years ago I discovered Professor McGill and have followed him for many years, I have attempted on my own to do his exercises and I even purchased his books which are directed more towards the practitioner and I was reading it during a period of my life when I was in chronic pain and suffering from depression. I did however believe there was something special about his work, which could somehow help me, I was however unable to achieve it on my own.

I had my most recent and one of my worst aggravations ever in April 2021, unbeknown to me this would be my last major flair up. This was caused while I was changing an overhead downlight in my house and something just let go in my back, while my arms were lifted above my head and that’s all it took. This aggravation left me unable to lie down and I slept on the lounge propped up on pillows for some 10 nights, I was unable to stand unassisted or move much at all. One night during this period I found Brian’s name while searching “back fit pro in Australia” , I then watched all of Brian’s videos and studied his profile. I remained awake until 8:30 am to contact Brian, I explained to Brian on the phone that I believed I had a similar injury to his, as described in one of his videos. He excitedly said “great I know I can help you” he immediately made time to see me the following day and that’s when my journey began.

I was still very sore and hobbled into Brian’s studio for my first session, my initial session was mainly the start of my assessment, however Brian gave me some very basic exercises and strategies to commence straight away. I was shown for the first time how to properly get up and down from the prone position and I walked out of his studio after an hour feeling slightly better.

I saw Brian weekly for the next 9 months and I have progressively improved each week. The movements that I have preformed with Brian were not unknown to me, in fact a lot of them I have been tasked to perform previously by other rehab providers. The difference that I found working with Brian was the precision in which each move was demonstrated and broken down, it was through this precision that I slowly mastered each exercise. Brian worked with me and explained everything, I found the cue’s that Brian used to prompt me were better than any other provider I have worked with before. It has been through this program that I have finally gained an understanding of how to control my core. 

I have experienced pain in everyday life for the past 15 years, some of which I have learnt to accept as something I would have for the rest of my life. One example is that I suffered a catch in my lower spine every time I stood up from a seated position, this was one of the first things that Brian worked on with me and after teaching me to control my core, I soon was standing void of this pain. This is one of many improvements I now experience in my day to day life.

During the first 6 month of the program I had slight ups and downs as I mastered each move and found my boundaries and limitations. It has been in these last 12 weeks that I have gained the confidence to truly know I am regaining control. Brian has taught me that on my down days when I would previously have rested for fear of further aggravation, I can now confidently complete my program which helps me to get through the day. 

I am sure if you are suffering from a spinal injury and engage Brian’s services you will not do the same program as I did,  because “It Depends”. What you will receive is a customised program that suits your injury and abilities, and you will not regret it. 

My back injury is not gone, but I feel in control for the first time in 15 years, I do things in my day to day life I have not done in a long time, I am enjoying my family and my life in ways I did not think I ever would again.
Back pain is not forever, but exercise is.

Thanks Legend!”

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