Well Done Rich!

Well done Rich!

“First off – I can’t recommend Brian highly enough!

I had serious back pain for many months, including shooting sciatic pain down my right leg – at times I was relying on strong anti-inflammatories and codeine to get through the day and to be able to get to sleep.

I tried multiple physios, osteos and chiropractors but I the situation was never improved for more than a day or two. I had MRI scans and the diagnosis of two slipped discs meant being advised that surgery was likely to only way to improve the issue. I am a keen 5-a-side soccer player but had missed months due to the back pain.

I stumbled across Brian in my Facebook feed, and I must confess my first instinct for any adverts on social media is that its highly unlikely to give what is promised, but by that stage I was willing to try anything so I got in touch.

I had a meet and greet session with Brian where he looked at my issues, did a few basic tests and quickly re-assured me that there were ways other than surgery that should get effective results.

I signed up for a 12 week program to begin with, but I was so pleased with the progress and results that I continued to have sessions with Brian every week for 18 months!

Brian is really experienced and has the knack of explaining in simple terms what is likely causing pain and discomfort, and coming up with effect plans to strengthen certain muscles to reduce imbalances in order to address the problem – and the pain.

I saw results very quickly, as Brian predicted. We worked on some basic exercises which has now set me up to be able to manage my back pain. I am 99% pain free now. I do on occasion start to feel a bit of a niggle again, this has without exception been at times where I have been a bit lazy and had stopped doing the exercises.

Every time I’ve found that kick starting the basic exercises that Brian has drilled into me has always stopped the niggle turning into a serious and painful problem.

I continued to see Brian after the pain had gone as I found it was a great motivator for me to keep up my exercise regime – he would really keep me honest.

This program does require commitment, it isn’t a magic bullet – you do need to put in the work – but for me, I was always keen to exercise so this wasn’t a problem, and compared to the discomfort I was in or with the expense and mixed results (not to mention months of rehab) from an operation really meant there was no choice to be made.

Sydney’s loss is definitely Brisbane’s gain. All the best Brian, and thanks again, fixing my back was genuinely life changing for me.”