Well Done Audra!

Another great testimonial.

Well done Audra! – this is what happens when you commit and get the work done.

Back pain is not forever.



Over the last six years I’ve experienced a range of physical issues that began with pain at the front of my right hip, gradually migrated into pain in my lower left back and finally resulted in two instances of spinal misalignment.

Mundane tasks like brushing teeth, getting in and out of the car and sneezing became painful. I was finally referred for an MRI, which revealed two bulging discs. I then added an osteopath and a massage therapist to my treatment rotation.

Relief only lasted for one to three days after each appointment and I would have to cope with the pain until my next visit.

I became increasingly frustrated and was tired of getting vague, noncommittal answers when I asked whether my back problems would ever be fixed.

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I started searching online for back rehabilitation methods, which then turned up Brian’s name as a local proponent of Dr. Stuart McGill’s techniques.

During the initial consultation with Brian, he gave me hope that with some hard work to retrain bad habits and strengthen the right muscles, I would be able to regain normal function.

Brian used my MRI results and feedback at every session to create a program for my specific issues. He was very supportive and I appreciated that he kept in contact by text and email between visits.

Over 12 weeks, with a steady program of building muscle strength and retraining my movement patterns (bending, sitting etc.) I was finally able to wake up pain-free. It is such a relief to be given the knowledge and tools to manage my back pain and regain control of my life.

If you are willing to make the investment in yourself and can commit to the work between sessions, then Brian has the skills to design a custom program that will get results for you!