Video: How To Swing A 92kg (202lb) Kettlebell

“A little nonsense now and then, is relished by the wisest men…”

So how am I able to swing a kettlebell that is very almost my own bodyweight and not snap my spine in two?

A few weeks ago 4 time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw put up an Instagram video swinging Rogue Fitness’s monster 92kg Kettlebell; so as any rational human would, I thought why not try to do the same.

Keep in mind Brian Shaw is around 190kg in weight, 2.03m (6’6”) tall AND one of the very strongest humans to every walk the Earth.

So how can I do it?

Simple, by applying the same principles of spinal rehab, core strength, hip function and skill building that I teach all of my clients…albeit with the dial turned up all the way to 11.

For me, the real proof is always in the pudding. So if a theory really is sound, it must be able to generate concrete results in the real world.

The approach and exercises I use for spinal rehab are not certainly not exciting, but they do WORK.

No gimmicks, no magic. Just a methodical approach to turning weaknesses into strengths.

Almost makes you hate side-bridges slightly less…almost.