This week…

Another week into 2012, I hope you are all making progress towards your goals and setting yourself up for a great year ahead.

Free seminar or health, hormones and fat loss…

The date for the seminar is now Saturday 25th February at 9.30am. The seminar will feature an hour long talk, about some of the most important issues I encounter when helping people lose fat and regain their health.

I will also be giving a talk the week before (Sat 18th Feb), but this is for members undertaking the 8 week challenge only.

Topics will include:

  • Why counting calories leads to misery and failure
  • The most effective way to approach fat loss and better health
  • How to better manage insulin – the fat storage hormone
  • How eating gluten makes you fat and stupid (no joke on this one)
  • The problems of excess estrogen, where you pick it up from and how to better manage it
  • 5 tips you can take away with you on the day to improve health and lose fat

It wil be limited to 40 people, so when I have the registration sheet organised I will let you all know. Please feel free to bring along friends and family, just be sure to register both yourself and them with us.

Bit of a rant on diet and nutrition this week. Please take a second to digest this one small fact:

Diet is 80% of your results.

So if you train hard for four hours a week (which represents a whole of 2% of your week), are you making the most of the other 98% of your week to promote fat loss?

Follow a Paleo style diet and use a diet diary. Its that simple.

The more your diet consists of good quality meat, fish and green vegetables the quicker you will lose fat.

You can make excuses or get results. Which do you prefer?

I think Jack Lalanne put it best over 50 years ago…

Successes this week…

Christine – 3 weeks in, 3 1/2 bodyfat gone!
Peter –  1 week in and 1% bodyfat gone and 1kg lean mass gained
Helen – 7kg down in 10 weeks

Massive well done to you all.

Inspirational quote…

Thanks to Vanessa for this one:

“Up to the age of 30, you have the body you were born with. After 30, you have the body you deserve”
– Sharon Stone.

Inspirational photos…

It has been a great week for inspirational photos being sent between my network of coaches online and around the world.  I wanted to share three of the best this week…(click on each to see a full size version)

I’ve had a few concerns this week about women and weight lifting. This next picture dispels that myth.  To achieve the physique of the girl in the top picture, should you so wish it, you need to train like a bodybuilder and have ample access to illegal male hormones.

To achieve the physique of the girl in the lower picture, you have only have to do two things: 1 – train hard, 2 – eat well.


And finally, proof that age is just a number and not an excuse.

An 82 year old grandmother sets a new PB with a deadlift of 69kg

I’m looking forward to another great week ahead with you all.