Death Circuits…

Luke - My first offcial Australian victim of death circuits...

If you want to give your start to 2012 a real bang, try using death circuits.

They are TOUGH, BRUTALLY TOUGH if done right – but in terms of bang for buck, will give you awesome results for your time.

They are awesome for promoting fast changes in body composition.

They work by giving your body a massive hit of lactic acid, which in turn will promote growth hormone production and a boost in metabolism.

Give these two routines a go:

All exercises performed with a 4-0-1-0 routine, 6-8 reps.

Rest 30 seconds between exercises, 2 mins between rounds.

Have one warm-up round, then into 4 working rounds.

Death Circuit 1:

A1: DB Squats

A2: BB Bent over row

A3: Leg Press

A4: DB Shoulder press

A5: DB Split squats

Death Circuit 2:

A1: Wide grip chins

A2: Dips

A3: CG seated Row

A4: Step-ups (12 reps each leg 2-0-1-0 tempo)

A5: Single Arm DB row

Give them a go and I promise you’ll get a great start to your health and fitness goals for 2012.