The Busy Trap…

Well done to the girls this week:

Allison – 2% and 1 kg of fat lost in a month
Maryrose – 1.6% and 3kg lost in her first week!


The Busy Trap…

A recurring theme that is worth re-touching on this week.

I regularly see clients who work ridiculous hours at work, pushing their health and the rest of their lives to the side.

The uncomfortable truth is that although you can do this for short periods, do it often or for long enough and your health will deteriorate.

The problem is further compounded if you miss sleep as your hormones will become a mess, making it very difficult to avoid fat gain, eat properly and have adequate energy to exercise.

Avoid the mistake of putting your health last.

The bottom line is that the quality of everything you do in life is dependant upon your level of health. The better it is, the more effective you will be in all areas, work included.


Article: Avoiding the busy trap

A great article from the New York Times from last month that touches on this subject.


Video: Jack Lalanne and Importance of Positive Thinking, Good Nutrition and Regular Exercise

A great video from one of my heroes, Jack Lalanne. Filmed over 50 years ago, Jack hits home with some straight talk about the quality of life. You’ll just have to excuse some of the 50’s terminology.


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