The Big Wheels…


Well done this week…

Peter – Down 0.5% fat and up 1kg of muscle this week!

Geoffrey – Down another 1.1% body-fat and now down to 10%! Nearly 7% body-fat lost so far, aiming for the sub 10% club next week.


Taking care of the big wheels…

I just wanted to go over the importance of being consistent with the basics this week.

A great analogy came up this week – that diet and exercise are like the wheels on your bike; you need both to get you where you are going.

If diet and exercise are the wheels, then you can think of supplements as being able to race your bike downhill – giving you that extra edge to get to where you want to go faster.

If you take just the supplements, with out looking after the first two, then just like a bike with no wheels, you’ll be going nowhere fast.

Get your diet and your exercise consistently right and you’ll make consistent progress.


An example:

If your goal is fat loss – you want to ensure you hit the following major points:

  • High density and short rest periods between exercises in your resistance work – super-set exercises and keep rest to 30 seconds, with 10-12 reps per exercise
  • Tune your metabolic/HITT/Cardio workouts to use the lactic acid system – so 30-40 seconds sprints, with a 1:1 sprint to rest ratio is a good place to start. Building up intense amounts of lactic acid will signal the correct hormonal responses for fat loss.
  • Hit at least 4 workouts per week
  • Keep the diet ‘clean’ – so low glycemic carbs, loads of veggies and high quality protein sources with some healthy fats.

If you consistently hit those major points, you’ll get great fat loss results and THEN you can add some key supplements on top to boost your results even further.


Upcoming events…

Over the next few weeks we have some great events coming up in support of The House With No Steps, a fantastic cause that help provide care and support for the mentally impaired and those with learning difficulties.

  • Saturday 9th June – 8.45am – BBQ breakfast. Fundraising BBQ with $1 per minute massages, smoothies, Paleo snacks and more – Gold coin donation.
  • Sunday 1st July – Touch footy competition down at Perry Park, Folkestone Street, Bowen Hills. $15 minimum donation entry fee. I’ll be looking to recruit players – so Brett, Peter, Vanessa, Amelia and few others will be recruited!
  • Saturday 21st July – Ultimate Fitness Adventure Race. The main event of our fundraising initiative, an adventure race testing all components of fitness in teams of three. All fitness levels, members and non members are welcome to participate.

For more info, take a look at the events page on the FW Blog:


Quote of the week…

“I remember when I was in college, people told me I couldn’t play in the NBA. There’s always somebody saying you can’t do it, and those people have to be ignored.” – Bill Cartwright

As ever, I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll look forward to seeing you all making progress next week.