Is your coach/trainer a member of the A-Team?

It’s a busy time of year for the health and fitness industry – many a new year’s resolution to be made and many people will start wokring out with a coach/trainer to help them on their way.

As a tongue-in-cheek approach to picking a coach, I’ve used the members of that 80’s Saturday afternoon classic the A-Team as a guide.

So what do you look for in a coach? And how the hell does it have anything to do with the A-Team?

If we look at our four main characters, we can draw some interesting parallels between the show and what will be happening in gyms around the world.


facemanCoach Type 1: Faceman

Played by Dirk Benedict in the show.  The Faceman was a suave and charming character, who got by on good looks and being able to talk his way out of tight situations.

This type of coach will look the part – which is not a bad thing in itself, but will be mostly interested in themselves and spend a great deal of time looking in the mirror and/or chatting up other gym members.

When caught in a sticky situation – like explaining why a client isn’t getting results despite weeks of hard work – they will charm there way out of it and almost convince you that the only reason you go to see them, is to have the privilege of their attention for a few fleeting minutes a week.



murdockCoach type-2: ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock

Potentially the most dangerous of all the types.

A short attention span and known to throw random exercises into a routine with no real plan.

Great for entertainment and potentially some injuries, just not so great for getting results.

Favourite saying: “I saw this crazy looking exercise on YouTube on the weekend…”



baCoach type-3: B.A. Baracus

The most focused on working you hard every workout.

Relies on traditional exercises with a tried and tested history.

Can have a tendency to be somewhat less than bubbly with their personality.

Can also tend to be a little stubborn headed with regards to trying out new methods and tools.

You go because you fear they will hunt you down and drag you to the gym if you didn’t turn up.


HannibalCoach type-4: “Hannibal” Smith

The leader amongst their field.

Has some traits of all of the other coaches, combined with a genuine approach to leading you to victory.

Will look the part, talk the talk, walk the walk, have proven experience, use tried and tested methods as well as be prepared to think outside the box a little when it’s needed.

The biggest positive of this type of coach is that they will treat you like an individual and plan specifically for you and your goals.

Favourite saying: “I love it when a plan comes together”


So if in doubt, when training with your coach ask yourself “Are they more of a Hannibal, a Faceman, a B.A. or even a Murdock?”.