Well Done Brian!

My transition to…. ” Brian Of The Broken Back “

After 35+yrs working as a bricklayer in construction, coupled with 20+ years of competitive Surfboat Rowing, what could possibly be wrong with my back???

I was introduced to every back “curer” in town and finally succumbed to 2 operations on my L5/S1 approx. 14 years ago.

The operations were successful BUT I was told at that time that I would need to keep up my rehab exercises etc to stay healthy and pain free!
Of course like all normal people, at the stage where I confidently thought I was never going to have back pain again……then it hits you…

So I researched far and wide and found Brian Ellicott was the name that was being mentioned the most for a successful outcome.
Next step was contacting him, I was met with a “No Problem” attitude kinda guy.

Yes I can fix you.

Yes if you do my program I can get you pain free.

Yes you will re-lapse IF you don’t do as I say….

So in summary, I completed Brian’s 12 week intense program.
I am going to be diligent in practicing what I learnt from Brian, as a re-lapse is not for me.

I do highly recommend his expertise in being able to tailor a program to the various pain points that bad backs offer.

I am another success story of ” Brian Of The Broken Back “