Video: Back Pain is Not Forever But It Depends Upon Your Approach.

Back Pain is Not Forever But It Depends Upon Your Approach.


Back Pain is NOT Forever…

…but success depends upon the approach.

For long-term success with back pain and injuries, there are 3 principles that we need to understand and implement.


1. It Depends.

What works for one person may not work for another.

We need to have a clear understanding of the injury, how it was caused, over what time scale and which movements/posture habits make it worse.

From there we can gain clarity, putting an end to the cycle of good days vs bad days with no understanding as to why.

2. Bank Balance.

Back pain is not a switch that can just be switched off. Rather it behaves like a bank balance, with fluctuations depending upon how much pay in vs take out. The greater the balance, the more we can do before it complains.

Minimise the withdrawals, maximise the deposits and build a bank balance suited for what we want to do.

3. Specificity with Exercises.

Rather than just shot-gunning several of the same exercises at every case of back pain, we need identify and focus on specific exercises that will give us the best return for our time invested.

This also leads to building a long-term plan suited for our end goals. Do we just wish to be pain-free for day-to-day tasks? Or do we need to go beyond that so that we return safely to the demands our favourite sport?

A successful long-term solution takes all of this into account, with no random guess work.

Understand the injury, understand the end goals, devise and refine a plan to get there.


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Back Pain is NOT Forever.