The Power of Assessment…

Back Pain: THE POWER OF ASSESSMENT… The worst part of a chronic back injury is the mental affect is has on you.

The feeling of hopelessness and having no control over the pain. You may have tried multiple different approaches…each with either limited or no long-term success…maybe even some things made it worse.

You may have had surgery, that worked for a while…but now the injury and pain has returned. Not knowing what to do…or more aptly…what YOU should be doing for YOUR injury comes from a lack of understanding the actual problem.

So instead of just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks…start with a thorough investigation first. This will then dictate the right path for you going forward and which tools we should or should not use to start solving the problem.

The slump test is a provocation test I learnt from Prof. Stuart McGill that helps us determine whether you have flexion intolerance or not – and can also help us determine if you have an active disc bulge or herniation that is causing sciatica. Remember…it is just one of many tests we can run, but it does help us zero in on what YOUR problem actually is.

Test, don’t guess 😎