Mcgill Certified Practitioner in Brisbane.

Finally official after completing all the courses twice and using McGill’s ( @backfitpro ) wisdom for 10 years.

Thought it was about time 😎

Dr. Ed Cambridge assessed my practical via zoom, which ended up being at 8pm for him in Canada with the time differences, so a big thank you to him for giving up family time to grill me.

And a MASSIVE thank you to @tmeenie_bjj for giving up his time to act as the assessment subject.

For those curious it all started for me after an incident during a strong man style class in 2013.

I woke up the next day walking like a crab and buckled over to my left, unable to stand-up straight.

I wasted nearly $3000 on chrio and osteo appointments, which ultimately just made my injury worse (look up contraindications for the McKenzie method and disc height)

When I asked them why I wasn’t getting better I got a shrug of the shoulder 🤷 and a quick glance at their watch as my appointment was taking too long.

At that point I decided the usual “experts” were full of shit and could not actually give me the “why” behind my injury.

I took a deep dive into McGill’s work and applied to solving my own issue.

After two weeks I could walk like a human again.

Dr. Ed praised my ability to coach the exercises…but I have an unfair advantage here…I had to learn by being millimetre precise otherwise I would be crippled for 20 mins at a time when my back was at it’s worst.

If an “expert” cannot clearly explain why you have your pain, they are not an expert…so if you have a disc bulge…why do you have it?

Bane voice:

“You merely accepted back pain…I was born into it…moulded by it.”