Lower Back Pain: Where Do I Start?

There is no such thing as a “non-specific lower back injury”.

If I’m honest, I have a success rate with lower back issues of 90%.

That means one out every ten people who see me, fail to get on top of the issue and get back to pain free movement.

Its not bad average, but it still bothers me that I can’t help everyone that comes to see me.

Why do they fail?

It has nothing to do with the type of back injury they have, nor the severity.

It always comes down the mental attitude of the person. They simply “don’t get it”, or rather they don’t take what we are trying to do seriously enough.

The history of your back, the type of damage shown by your x-rays and scans, the types of pain you feel, the locations of the pain and your movement abilities tell us very clearly how to approach your back issue.

This information tell us both what you need to avoid and what you need to do to fix your back.
This is what Dr Stuart McGill means when he talks about “there is no such thing as non-specific lower back pain”

In the video I go over the important starting points for success with lower back issues, why people fail and also the reality of what surgery will entail.