Coaching and the weeks ahead

Another great week of coaching some great people is lined up and I am looking forward to starting two new exciting projects.

Fit 4 Golf

Myself, Karen Duffield and James Doolan are excited to be working on a Golf specific conditioning program.

The program will involve golf specific goal setting (to you need to improve your drive, stance over the ball, your short game), identifying any physical or psychological issues that may be holding you back (posture, mobility for the swing, dealing with those first frustrating few holes) and any long-term health issues we can improve (nutrition, stamina, concentration, stress, sleep patterns)

We are looking forward to getting this project up and running – so look out for more news soon!

Andy Poole and the 12 week No Cardio Transformation

I’ve been training Andy for the past few months and he has made some great gains, getting stronger, bigger and leaner in the process.

I have a theory that I can help him to get into phenomenal shape using only the intelligent application of resistance training and a smart approach to nutrition.

The aim is to feature his story in the next Winning Times newsletter and produce a video and picture diary of his progress.

Some busy and exciting weeks ahead!