Back Pain Assessment…Assess Don’t Guess!

Back Pain Assessment…

We need a clear idea of the problem BEFORE we prescribe solutions/exercises/plans.

Here is some footage of me assessing a new client, Ben.

Ben has had his injury for around 18 months and has seen at least 8 different back pain “experts” in that time. But not one of them actually assessed the mechanics of his injury.

No one has a right to prescribe exercises/treatments/plans of action until a thorough assessment has taken place AND a clear understanding of the injury mechanic is understood by both the client and the coach/clinician/specialist.

If not, we can waste time with approaches that do not work…or even worse, do things with the best intentions that actually exacerbate the existing problem.

“What I should I do for my back pain?”

“It depends…” comes the answer 😎

Assessment is how we define what it depends upon…