Well Done Jon!

Superb testimonial from Jon today.

He’s certainly put the training effort in to get the results of a stronger and more robust lower back.

Well done mate!


“Ever since I can remember I’ve had back problems.

I put it down to years of rugby, writing it off as something that will stay with me for life.  I saw it as penance for treating my body with little respect.

I seemed to get by and lived with the pain and immobility, but it would eventually take my down a dark path both physically and mentality.

I looked at the ‘physio route’ as a expense that would provide just a temporary band aid to a deep rooted problem.

That was until I meet Brian.

Brian demonstrated and provided me with a gradual plan to right my wrongs.  Educating and guiding me through basic body mechanics through to the specifics of strength and back conditioning.

Slowly but surely I saw strength come back and the pain dissipate.
With that came a new mental health and confidence towards exercise which I will forever be grateful for.” – Jon Clark.