Pig’s Testicles…The Secret For Results?

Anna-HeinrichI’m going to talk about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here”,

if you don’t like pop-culture or eating of disgusting things,

This week, we saw Anna (of 1st season bachelor fame),
eating a pig’s testicle to win food for the celebrity camp.

And this was after eating many other just as disgusting
“foods” in the challenge – but this was the pinnacle.

To her credit, she got it (and kept it) down, thus winning
the much needed food for the 10 other hungry celebrities
in camp.

It reminded me of some of the crazy tips, tricks and
quick fix diets I’ve tried over the years.

My favourite has to be drinking 8 tablespoons
of disgusting, highly refined MCT oil (comes
from coconuts) in a vain effort to add muscle

Being a young, impressionable gym rat (read 25 year
old idiot) I was convinced that this would give me an Arnold
shaped physique in a matter of weeks (because I read on
the internet that back in 60’s and 70’s all the top bodybuilders
did it – so it must be true and it must work right?)

All of us at the gym would be chugging away, day
after day – it often felt like I was pouring pure motor oil
down my throat.

The significant downside of pouring said oil into the digestive
system is that it is VERY hard for the body to break down,
so more often than not – it doesn’t even try, and hence the oil
literally goes right through you – completely negating the
claimed benefits. Money down the toilet as they say.

You can start see that even me, working in the fitness
industry as a coach (albeit being very green behind the
ears then) it was easy for me to jump on the latest band
wagon, jumping on board to get the elusive quick fix.

“Youth is wasted on the young” as the saying goes,
and only now I am beginning to release its meaning.

When you are young you have all the time the world,
and yet your overwhelming impatience actually leads
you to waste that time in search of quick fixes and
instant results.

If you want real, lasting results, why chase the equivalent
of a get rich quick scheme? Surely you’re too wise for that?