Getting your nutrition right…

Today’s post is all about diet and nutrition.

I make a habit of saying to everyone I train, that keeping a clean diet will yield 80% of your results for fat loss.

I’ve always liked the expression “You can’t out-train a bad diet”, which is very true. Your diet and nutrition should back up the hard work you put into the gym, otherwise you are selling yourself short on the results you will get.

How not to eat…

Great little comedy video from the UK, called the Brian Butterfield diet, great example of how not to eat:

Points to remember for your nutrition:

  • Never go hungry or miss meal
  • Never feel that your diet has to be boring or exacatly the same foods everyday – take a look at this website for some recipe ideas to keep the diet fresh:

You can have a some freedom at the the weekends IF your diet has been clean the rest of the week, but there is a big difference between a single cheat meal and a whole weekend of eating crap.


Cheat meals

A great way to reward yourself and to help you stick to good nutrition longterm is have a treat meal once a week, where you can indulge any cravings you have. If you follow some basic rules you can enjoy your treat without it affecting your fat loss program:

  • Eat gluten free
  • Be sure to eat protein first to lower the insulin response – a meat/fish based starter is a great way to do this
  • Eat your treat meal in the evening to avoid the temptation to have bad food all day long

Poliquin Cheat meal rules


Surviving the holiday season…
Christmas is always going to be tough – lots of social events, bad food and alchohol to scupper your hard work. But you can limit the damage and at least maintain your weight without putting any on.

Great article from Charles Poliquin on how to limit the damage done during the festive period:


Follow those tips and your nutrition will help you achieve great results in no time.
This weeks successes…

Massive well done to Lisa (4% bodyfat and 2kg lost in 6 weeks), Helen (nearly 3kg lost in 7 days!) and Gareth (2% bodyfat lost in 7 days)