Friday Inspiration

I know its Thursday, but I have a busy day tomorrow. So just in case I can’t post tomorrow, I thought I’d post it today.

Bill Shannon

This first part of this post is about Bill Shannon, a artist from Brooklyn born with a degenerative hip condition.

He is completely unable to walk without the use of crutches, but to look at him in action you would have a hard time spotting any impairment.

There are a few videos of Bill on the internet, but I’ve chosen to use his performance for RJD2’s song “Work it Out”

A bit of Culture

Next up I wanted to share a video of a ballet featuring two performers who are missing limbs.

The performers are Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei, collectively know as “She without arm, he without leg”. The music is entitled “Hand in Hand”.

Even if you’re not into ballet (I must admit I’m not the greatest fan!), its a beautiful piece of choreography. So sit back and enjoy!