Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain And Injury Rehabilitation


Sick of having your lower back pain dictate life?

I’ve been helping clients overcome and manage their back pain since 2009.

You will be surprised how quickly the body will respond to the correct exercises and enough rehabilitation work.

The key is the correct initial assessment to understand the underlying issues and muscular imbalances that are creating the problem.

I start all my clients with an initial movement screening process.  We then work on any weaknesses you have and then assess how the body responds as we go.

As your back becomes more robust, I can progess your training onto working more on strength and fitness.

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Client Results



Dan is recovering from multiple motorcycle accidents and playing injuries from his days as a prop in rugby. After some strict rehab work, we are now able to work on his strength and fitness levels.


Simon runs his own motorcycle and track-day repair service. Multiple motorcycle accidents at the track had effected his lower back, leaving him unable to ride for more than a few minutes. After 6 months of consistent work, he can go for 5 back-to-back races in one day without any issues.


Mike – Frustrated that his back pain was leaving him unable to rebuild his strength. After 3 months we fixed his back pain and increased his deadlift from 40kg to 120kg.


David – Started as a complete beginner to training. After a year he managed to drop his blood pressure, his stress, his back pain and can now do proper chin-ups!