Back Pain Program Hub

This is the hub for the online program designed to help educate users how to build a stronger and more robust lower back from the ground up.

This foundational program is designed to help someone build a soild base for pain free day-to-day movement and tasks.

The menu and links are structured to follow a sensible progression through from the basic key concepts and principles, all the way through an example of a progressive exercise program.

This education program is best followed under the guidance of a suitably trained health professional/McGill Certified coach or practitioner.

The information contained within the program and website is intended for education purposes only and does not replace the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.


There is A LOT of information in this course, so take your time to methodically understand it step-by-step.

The better you understand the principles, strategies, exercises and programs – the better you will be placed to learn how best to manage a lower back injury to avoid future flare-ups and pain episodes.

With the exercises I strongly encourage my clients to master each and every rep BUT remember that the goal is not to create pain. If pain is felt, they are either making a mistake with exercise execution or the exercise is not suitable for them.

Ultimately, the point of this course is to help a back pain sufferer learn and understand how they have control over their injury, and how their decisions can either help or hinder them in building a pain free lower back.

Course Sections and Links

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