Fat Loss And Physique

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Fat Loss And Physique


Do You Want the Best Results?

If you are serious about transforming your body, I can help you to master the fundamentals of training and nutrition and get you onto the right path quickly.

I can tailor your training and nutrition to suit your abilities and your time commitments.

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Client Results


Online client Geoffrey after a 4 week mini-shred program for his holiday. In great shape at 52.



Jo, Coogee – Busy mum of two kids, with her own business. Superb results after 12 weeks of consistent nutrition and training.



Ritchie – busy dad with two kids, made an awesome transformation over 12 weeks.



Myles – 4 week results in the lead up to a Christmas and New Year family holiday.



Andy – A gym regular with 10 years of training experience. Benefited from some structure and smart training for his 12 week transformation.



Joey – wanted to get shredded in the 8 weeks before his holiday to Europe.



Adam – busy dad with his own businesses. 6 month transformation after helping to ditch some bad habits and create some new, healthier ones.



Russel – superb transformation over 12 weeks. He picked up a bicep tear at work, so he was extremely limited with his training. Some smart and consistent work with his nutrition helped him to drop some serious fat.